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This league is a unique attempt to fill a valuable niche in the amateur Go playing community. Some enthusiastically Go players from around the globe have created a highly competitive system, accessible to all levels of ability, yet with something to offer and motivate each player to enjoy their time competing in the league. Commonly it is known as ASR league, which is essentially part of the ASR = Advanced Study Room.

The ASR league is a monthly tournament for players of all levels who want to play serious games and improve. The league provides a pyramid structure of so called "league divisions" from alpha at the top to delta at the bottom.

The four leagues (from top) are:

  • alpha
  • beta
  • gamma
  • delta

New players who registrate first time on the official website with their KGS user name are being pooled unranked in the "placement division". At least four (4) games must be played per month to get a fixed rank within one of the leagues.

Core tenets of the league

Teaching and Learning: With a spread of ability in the majority of the classes, that there will always be stronger players to play that can be learned from, and weaker players that can be taught. At the end of each game, it is hoped that the stronger player will take the time to review the game for the weaker player. If the players are of even strength, much can be learned by reviewing the game together.

Interactivity and involvement: We encourage anything that involves any of the players more in the league. Ask for stronger players to look at your game, join other games and offer reviews if you have the time, and be friendly to those in the league. Also, the points system strongly rewards activity; you get half as many points for losing as you do for winning, so you can easily achieve a good class position with a poor record just by playing a lot of games. We do this because we want people to improve as quickly as possible, and the motivation to play more games helps to achieve this.

The games are played at the KGS server in the Advanced Study Room (under lessons)

The league is run by a team of GO players who are all volunteers. If you have any questions, comments, feedback and ideas, please post them for discussion on the ASR league forum.

Likewise, if you want to join, register on the own ASR website ( see [[ext] The project was overtaken on 30th June by French born Guillaume Douron, a 4 Dan CGF who lives since 2013 in China (Hangzhou), also known as 'litchee' on KGS (status: July 2016).

A "what is ASR" video of 3 minutes length was produced by him in China end of September 2016 which is available on ASR's Youtube Channel (see [ext]

ASR Special events (Extract)

The ASR archive contains different forms of teachings, e.g. text or video based topics. The access is free for the league members ( see [ext]

ASR lectures:

- 28th Sept 2014 / 06:00 pm GMT... lecture with In-Seong Hwang (8d): "Let's make Go easier !"

- 7th May 2016 / 01:00 pm CET... lecture with Antii Törmänen (1p Dan): "How to handle thickness ?"

- 15th May 2016 / 03:00 pm CET... lecture with Li Ang (3p Dan): "Is Alphago coming or is Go Seigen back ?"

ASR teaching games:

- 13th May 2016 / 10:00 am CET... teaching game (+ review) with Go Juan (5p Dan)

ASR game commentaries:

- 7th August 2014 / 09:00 pm GMT... Younggil An (8p Dan)

- 24th April 2016 / 07:00 pm GMT... Thundergod (7d)

Oficial Websites

home page: [ext] (with further domains: [ext], [ext] and [ext]

ASR Team: [ext]

ASR Forum: [ext]

ASR @ Twitter: [ext]

ASR's Facebook page: [ext]

ASR's Facebook group: [ext]

ASR's Youtube Channel: [ext]

ASR SubReddit?: [ext]

@ Google Plus: [ext]

ASR League @ Life in 19x19 Forum: [ext]

Games are played on the KGS server in the ASR - Advanced Study Room (located under lessons in the rooms list)

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