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The CCTV Cup is a fast game tournament in China sponsored by the state television [ext] CCTV. It is played continuously since 1989 and is a qualifier for the Asian TV Cup with the title holder and the runner up being qualified.

There were television tournaments earlier, but since the establishment of the Asian TV Cup the CCTV is played regularly. Prize money and time limits changed during the years.

Time control: thirty seconds for the first move, then ten periods of 60-second byo-yomi.

From 2012 the tournament again changed his name to Zhōngxn Ynhng Bēi (China CITIC Bank Cup). The prize money raised to 200,000 and 100,000 Yuan for the winner and the runner-up

Tournament Winners

 1st 1987 Nie Weiping        (d. Cao Dayuan)
 2nd 1988 Qian Yuping        (d. Cao Dayuan)
 3rd 1989 Ma Xiaochun        (d. Nie Weiping)
 4th 1990 Qian Yuping        (d. Liu Xiaoguang)
 5th 1991 Ma Xiaochun        (d. Cao Dayuan)
 6th 1992 Ma Xiaochun        (d. Nie Weiping)
 7th 1993 Nie Weiping        (d. Ma Xiaochun)
 8th 1994 Ma Xiaochun        (d. Qian Yuping)
 9th 1995 Ma Xiaochun        (d. Nie Weiping)
10th 1996 Cao Dayuan         (d. Wang Lei Sr.)
11th 1997 Nie Weiping        (d. Yu Bin)
1st? 1998 Cao Dayuan         (d. Ma Xiaochun)
12th 1999 Chang Hao          (d. Liu Jing)
1st? 2000 Ding Wei           (d. Luo Xihe)
13th 2001 Hu Yaoyu           (d. Ma Xiaochun)
 1st 2002 Ma Xiaochun        (d. Ding Wei)
 2nd 2003 Zhou Heyang        (d. Peng Quan)
 3rd 2004 Gu Li              (d. Yu Bin)
 4th 2005 Liu Xing           (d. Gu Li)
 5th 2006 Luo Xihe           (d. Wang Xi)
 6th 2007 Piao Wenyao        (d. Chen Yaoye)
 7th 2008 Xie He             (d. Li Zhe)
 8th 2009 Kong Jie           (d. Zhou Heyang)
 9th 2010 Chen Yaoye         (d. Gu Lingyi)
 10th 2011 Zhong Wenjing     (d. Wang Lei Sr.)
 1st 2012 Tuo Jiaxi          (d. Lian Xiao)
 2nd 2012 Wang Xi            (d. Jiang Weijie)


  • This may need validation, the Ma Xiaochun page writes Ma won the 1st and 2nd etc. CCTV Cups, not 1st and 3rd as is written here.
  • Valerio: Qian won 2nd edition on 1990-06-11; Ma lost to Liu Xiaoguang in semifinal. Kifu in my hands confirm these results. Source is on Kido Yearbook 1991, pag. 330. In fact, both Qian and Liu participated to 1990 Asian TV Cup. Confirmation, instead, was needed for the results of the 13rd edition (Hu Yaoyu won).

axd: maybe this may help: [ext]

  • axd: is there a web page that lists the schedule of play/broadcast? Would it be possible to update this page when a new tournament is scheduled? I assume it is broadcast on [ext]

See also

valerio: CCTV changed often his name. Also the number of the edition changed after 11th and 12th terms. From 2002, tournament changed his name, starting from 1.

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