German Team Go


1. League (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Year Winner Team 2nd 3rd
2005* Karlsruhe
2006 Hamburg Hebsacker Godorf Berlin Igoist
2007 Karlsruhe Godorf Hamburg Hebsacker
2008 Karlsruhe Hamburg Hebsacker Berlin Blunder
2009 Karlsruhe Dragon Frankfurt Hamburg Hebsacker
2010 Karlsruhe Hamburg Hebsacker Leipziger Löwen
2011 Hamburg Hebsacker Roter Stein Nürnberg Tenuki Bonn
2012 Hamburg Hebsacker Tenuki Bonn Hamburg-Pauli
2013 Berliner Zebrapinguine 1 Leipziger Löwen Hamburg Hebsacker
2014 Berliner Zebrapinguine 1 Roter Stein Nürnberg Hamburg Hebsacker
2015 Hamburg-Pauli Berliner Zebrapinguine Igoist Berlin

2. League (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Year Winner Team 2nd 3rd
2005* Darmstädter Elche(A)/Hamburg 2(B) Freiburg 1(A)/Berlin Blunder(B)
2006 Hannover 1 Leipzig-Löwen Shudan Stuttgart
2007 Berlin Blunder Rhein - Neckar - Team Jena 1
2008 Berlin Igoist Trilux 1 Kieloben
2009 Roter Stein Nürnberg Kieloben Tenuki Bonn
2010 Hannover 1 Tenuki Bonn Münchner Kindl
2011 Berlin Blunder Shudan Stuttgart Trier/Luxemburg
2012 Berliner Zebrapinguine Kieloben Shudan Stuttgart
2013 Hannover 1 Shudan Stuttgart Trier/Luxemburg
2014 Jena1 Münchner Kindl Trier/Luxemburg
2015 Westfalen 1 Münchner Kindl Hamburg Connect

3. League (1st, 2nd, 3rd )

Year Winner Team (A) 2nd (A) 3rd (A) Winner Team (B) 2nd (B) 3rd (B)
2006 Braunschweiger Löwen TU Dresden Kieloben
2007 Kieloben Leipzig- Glück- Auf Braunschweig Tunicum
2008 Roter Stein Nürnberg Freiburg 2 Hannover 2
2009 TU Dresden München 2 Leipzig- Glück- Auf
2010 Trier /Luxemburg Westfalen 1 Roter Stern Greifswald
2011 Roter Stern Greifswald 1 Darmstädter Rentiere Steinfuchs Rhein-Main 1 Berliner Zebrapinguine TU Dresden Meck-Pomm United 1
2012 Jena 1 Steinfuchs Rhein-Main Hamburg Rahlstedt Münchner Kindl Meck-Pomm 1 Berlin Slaughterlake 1
2013 Hamburg Connect Uni Leipzig Darmstädter Rentiere Göttingen Samurai Mammuts Berlin Slaughterlake 1 Bremen Shodan Showdown
2014 Kasseler Himmelsstürmer Darmstädter Rentiere Meck-Pomm 1 Uni Leipzig Freiburg 1 Dresden 1
2015 Göttingen Samurai Mammuts Darmstädter Rentiere Bambus Bochum Dresden 1 Berlin Daigo Argus Augsburg

4. League (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Year Winner Team (A) 2nd (A) 3rd (A) Winner Team (B) 2nd (B) 3rd (B)
2006 Hamburg Connect Hannover 2 San-San Braunschweig
2007 Braunschweig san-san Franken Aufseß Darmstädter Rentiere
2008 Steinfuchs Rhein-Main Darmstädter Rentiere Hannover 3
2009 Meck-Pomm United 1 Roter Stern Greifswald Berliner Zebrapinguine Westfalen 1 Trier/Luxemburg 2 Stuttgart - Shoutogaruto
2010 Berliner Zebrapinguine Leipziger Teddys Bremer Shodan Uni Bonn Steinbeißer Düsseldorf Grauer Star Wiesbaden
2011 Berlin - Slaughterlake 1 Göttingen 1 Erding Argus Augsburg Flensburg Dresden 2
2012 Hamburg Connect Eisenacher Go-Verein Erding Bambus Bochum Uni Leipzig Kasseler Himmelsstürmer
2013 Freiburg 2 Kasseler Himmelsstürmer Bochumer Sprösslinge Moin Moin HH Hannover 2 Darmstädter Murmeltiere
2014 Nakade Berlin Düsseldorfer Steinbeisser Berliner Zebrapinguine 2 Berlin-Daigo Sansan Braunschweig Giessen 1
2015 Steinfuchs-Rhein-Main 1 Tunicum Braunschweig Schwarzwald Kleeblatt Führt Dresden 1 Eureg!o Maas Rhein

5. League (1st)

Year Winner Team (A) Winner Team (B) Winner Team (C)
2006 Leipzig-Wildkatzen
2007 Trier/Luxemburg 2 Frankfurter Bübsche
2008 Westfalen Berliner Zebrapinguine Meck-Pomm United 1
2009 Bremer Shodan Showdown
2010 Flensburg
2011 Bambus Bochum
2012 Bochumer Sprösslinge
2013 Berliner Zebrapinguine 2
2014 Schwarzwald
2015 Frankfurter Plateauniker
  • 2005 saw the first winner team, but only since 2006 the winner teams of the 1st league had the right to call themselves "German Team Champion" („Deutscher Mannschaftsmeister“). This was because of some rule regulations and caused a discussion as how strict one should follow said rules.

In 2005 there were only 2 leagues, the 2nd league was divided into (A) and (B). 1st/2nd place was decided by playoff. Strictly spoken, there was no 2nd and 3rd place in league 1. Karlsruhe won before the last round, the other teams decided not to play the play off. The play off rule later vanished.

  • ? indicates missing data; a blank in general means: there was no team (e.g. Team B, Team C)

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