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On SL we not only talk about Go, we also play rengo, experimental and teaching games.

If you want to start your own game, you can use the ongoing game template to set up the page.

Rengo games, current and past

The Ongoing Game Series


Special set-ups and go variants

Non-rengo games

Best practice for games on SL

When playing games on SL following best practices have emerged. See Ongoing Game 4 for an example of these practices in action.

  • Keep track of captured stones.
  • Create other gobans for every ten moves.
  • Discussion should take place on a discussion subpage.
  • Set the PageType to OngoingGame (this is advisable for subpages of the game as well).
  • One should not play for both sides.
  • Usually one should not play consecutive moves for the same side. (This doesn't matter for some really common follow-ups like hane-connect on the first line.)

GoJaC: A thought I obtained from [ext] a DGS forum posting: How about a discussion game, where potential moves can be discussed by a number of "weaker" players, before a "best move" is made? This only really makes sense for weaker players discussing together to learn, with potential occasional advice from stronger players, as it feels like the full participation of a stronger player negates the participation of any number of weaker players. ;) I would therefore consider the creation of games for specific rank ranges... The advantage of this is more players learning together without tying up too much time from stronger players. I thought it might make more sense to tackle that kind of game on SL (rather than on DGS - of course real life would be better than SL). What do you think?

Of course, this brings the problem of how to decide on a "best move", so it might make more sense to have two (weak?) people being designated the players, and then other players merely discuss and let the (weak) players decide what to do based on the discussion.

Bill: How about a team game where the weaker players suggest moves, up to, say, 5 in a position, and then the team captain, the strongest player or one of the strongest, chooses among them?

kb: Slavishly taken from Bill's suggestion above: see Wu Ren Go.

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