Ongoing Game 5

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  • Komi is 6.5 for this game.
  • Discussion of moves in /Discussion.
  • Review of the game in /Review.
  • Please play on one team only.

Teams: (add your name when you join the game)

Keep track of captured stones here:

Captured stones  
Moves 131-140  

B31 kb: Tenuki is warranted after a situation comes to a halt...

W32 Hylebos: Very Clever Trap, I think this is the best way to go about disarming it.

B33 Herman Hiddema: It is?

W34 Dieter: Ok then.

B35 JG: Move B29 ignored the proverb DontAttachWhenAttacking. B35 tries to stay connected. Any white cuts can still be handled.

W36 fractic: There have been several votes for resignation. Since nobody has made a move in a while I suppose there are no longer any objections. White resigns.

Moves 121-130  

B21 kb

W22 Dieter

B23 Mystery Go Player: Keep cutting. The White group on the right isn't all that strong. But it's still strong enough that Black can't attack it directly. (Need to pick it off piece by piece)

W24 Malcolm Trying to have a positive attitude

B25 JG Stay connected. White has too many weak groups.

W26 Batavia? Banzaaaaaaaaai!!!! (now black is going to run away scared)

B27 Andy Pierce I freely admit I have no idea what I'm doing here. I'm trying to keep white's eyespace balloon smaller than critical mass, prevent possible eye formation on the edge, and help shore up black's connection to keep white from getting in some forcing moves and breaking through to the left by letting black's bottom left stones survive on their own if necessary. (also, I think there's some value in just making any local move, to pre-empt MGP from another tenuki *grin*)

W28 fractic: Seal black in completely while eliminating some nasty aji.

B29 Mystery Go Player: The attachment here aims at both probing White eye potential and preventing a White escape out to the left. White must now pre-empt exactly where Black can attack next.

W30 Holigor This does not hurt white.

Moves 111-120  

B11 Mystery Go Player: The upcoming fight looks uncertain. Black doesn't seem to gain much. That is why I feel that a tenuki taking the initiative here gives Black enough time to plan the battle.

W12 Bob Threatening a deep invasion which looks like it is worth more than capturing the right.

B13 JG Not sure about the timing.

W14 strongeye: Just joined, hope this is ok. Anyways, I think this invasion is pretty big.

B15 Mystery Go Player: There are plenty of battles on the board right now. The trick is to use the correct aji to meet one's own goals.

W16 Dieter: This ponnuki was really on the board (rubs eyes)?

B17 unkx80: Continue making life.

W18 Batavia?: Now we need to make life. should have captured black earlier

B19 Herman Hiddema: Defend.

W20 fractic: Force black to make small life

Moves 101-110  

B1 Andy Pierce: I couldn't figure out whether B99 should be at W100 or not to make white's eye false without giving white a lot of forcing moves on the top. Anyone have thoughts on this? For what it's worth, black needs to get something here, but I don't think black has enough strength in the middle to pull it off.

W2 Malcolm Atari.

B3 JG Obvious capture.

W4 Hylebos: Don't want to get closed off at the top.

B5 Herman Hiddema

W6 kokiri: it's getting nasty

B7 Mystery Go Player: Pushing from behind... (seeing where White's strengths are before attemping the anhialation.

W8 Dieter: Wanted to sacrifice this group in the first place, but now ikken tobi can't be wrong.

B9 ThorAvaTahr: Halt! :)

W10 fractic: I have no idea what the proper shape is in this position. This should at least help the group a bit.

Moves 91-100  

B91 Herman Hiddema: There has been a lamentable lack of play on hoshi points. Lets fix that.

W92 kokiri: also forced, i think

B93 Mystery Go Player: With the main intention of Black's wall building fullfilled, the aji of this move's area combined with the threat to White at the top means that this may be an important move. Is it urgent? Possibly not. But I can see a vicious attack on White, and I wonder... who else suffers from the same "delusion"?

W94 fractic: This move is huge and pretty much double sente. The top can wait.

B95 unkx80: After seeing one move after another that will make me cry "OMG", I don't really know what to do.

W96 Dieter Black's tenukis were no lost moves. The game is not over.

B97 ThorAvaTahr: I'll just try to play some more endgame.

W98 kokiri: simplest variation afaics

B99 Tapir: Let us continue endgame later.

W100 fractic: I don't really have a choice.

Moves 81-90  

B81 Mystery Go Player: It seems urgent to seal the bottom.

W82 Tamsin: Let`s sharpen things up.

B83 JG: Separate the white stones.

W84 Kokiri ?

B85 Herman Hiddema: Separate W82

W86 Tamsin: Id have played here straight away without 84 first, but I`m going to do it now anyway.

B87 Andy Pierce: I really liked Dieter's W80 in this line, but I still think this ends badly for white.

W88 kokiri: well, it looks like my prior choice of move was very unpopular :P

B89 ThorAvaTahr: hmm, let me try to sacrifice 5 stones

W90 fractic: I'm not sure I like where this is going but backing out now would make a lot of earlier moves look bad.

Moves 71-80  

B71 unkx80

W72 Malcolm tobi is never a bad move?

B73 kb

W74 kokiri ho hum

B75 ThorAvaTahr: No more weak groups --> end game?

W76 fractic: I think there are plenty of weak groups around, including this corner group.

B77 Mystery Go Player: A bit slow perhaps, (bigger moves around)... but I think it necessary to strengthen this territory splinter. Semi-sente perhaps --

W78 Tamsin: The side group could easily get into trouble, but the hane is too soft given that Black`s bottom could swell, so let`s extend, fight, reduce and see what happens.

B79 Andy Pierce: Black is hosed.

W80 Dieter

Moves 61-70  

B61 Herman Hiddema: Even a fool... :)

W62 Dieter: tightening pants

B63 ThorAvaTahr: This could be a shape move... but probably it is just bad :)

W64 Tamsin: This is going to get fighty! Yay! Never wrestle with a pig?????

B65 Mystery Go player: Black is in trouble. Life (or escape) is needed. This peep looks to isolate the corner or cut through in a connecty sort of way. If you don't like it, don't get in situations like this... :-/

W66 kokiri - I keep changing my mind.

B67 kb - Cutting right through a knight's move is very big

W68 fractic: Gotta keep moving out.

B69 Mystery Go player: The time looks neigh for Black to grab some influence. Using B63, Black has a chance of limiting White's ability to extend out with the White stones along the right side... OR potentally capping White's extending W64 stone whilst extending on the influence of Black from Black's shape at the bottom. ♪♫ it time for a cutting fight? ♪♫

W70 Dieter

Moves 51-60  

B51 Herman Hiddema: Respond to atari

W52 kokiri - fingers crossed, trust my reading...

B53 unkx80 Nothing fanciful here...

W54 Dieter

B55 ThorAvaTahr Hahaa, aggression :)

W56 fractic: Let's connect.

B57 Tapir

W58 kokiri - best way to stay connected, imo

B59 Andy Pierce

W60 bob? Make shape

Moves 41-50  

B41 kb: Attack White's loose shape on both sides.

W42 bob? Hmm tough choice. The goal is to overconcentrate black in sente and then ruin his territory with the group on the left. There is a net if a crosscut happens. I played the stone on the left high so it has plenty of room to run.

B43 ThorAvaTahr Wow so much to do on this board.. :)

W44 fractic: living in the corner.

B45 Herman Hiddema: Lets reduce this J+1 group to a J group :-)

W46 Dieter: May the force be with you.

B47 Andy Pierce: resist

W48 bob? W18 gos a long way towards settling the top while threatening e17.

B49 ThorAvaTahr If, in a desperate attempt to find an elegant solution, I do a move that is just plainly wrong, than I am sorry to my team members.

W50 Malcolm First force... (and then? I'll leave W52 to another team member)

Moves 31-40  

B31 unkx80

W32 kokiri

B33 kb

W34 Hylebos

B35 Andy Pierce

W36 Bob?

B37 ThorAvaTahr How does white feel about this move? :)

W38 fractic: Not very well obviously.

B39 Herman Hiddema: Finish what we started then :)

W40 Dieter can't resist to resist

Moves 21-30  

B21 Andy Pierce

W22 Hylebos: Hopefully this move isn't as unusual as move 6.

B23 Tapir

W24 Bob?

B25 Herman Hiddema: Lets keep the game going :)

W26 Hylebos: Hopefully this will not end in tears.

B27 ThorAvaTahr: This looks like a nice opportunity to use the thickness of the black wall

W28 fractic: If black were to play one space above this stone white's shape would be weak. Playing there would be heavy though.

B29 Tapir: Go on...

W30 MrTenuki: It's now or never...

Moves 11-20  

B11 Andy Pierce

W12 Bob?:Threatens an invasion of black's very loose moyo while securing some points

B13 unkx80 Can't resist playing a move even though I am out of town right now. =)

W14 kokiri - i'm allowed to play again, right?

B15 kb

W16 fractic: Black's ogeima invites an invasion. Glad to accept.

B17 Herman Hiddema: Obvious ;-)

W18 - kokiri - i'll play the obvious move to keep things ticking over

B19 ThorAvaTahr I like this one :)

W20 MrTenuki My second local move of the game.

Moves 1-10  

B1 kb

W2 fractic: A new game sounds like fun :)

B3 Herman Hiddema: I'm game ;-)

W4 kokiri: I was gutted i missed the last one :)

B5 ThorAvaTahr: Have fun!

W6 Hylebos: All your base are belong to us.

B7 Karl Knechtel: Can't afford to get pincered; may as well start emphasizing the outside if White doesn't want it.

W8 MrTenuki: Instead of playing elsewhere, I guess I'll try this.

B9 Tapir

W10 Anonymous: funny looking move

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