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Also see: Boundary Point Go and Tao Go, Opposite of "Virtueful"

Migeru: KarlKnechtel calls this goban "virtueless".

KarlKnechtel: "Virtueless", of course, because heaven is missing. :) Some interesting properties:

  • The centre breaks ladders, which in turn impacts several joseki sequences, I'm sure. But then, I don't know of joseki for 13x13.
  • Four points in the middle that have only 3 liberties, like the edges. Could result in some sneaky tricks trying to connect through the centre.
  • There is even less than no territory in the centre now. ;)

Agt: isn't mirror go possible without tengen ?

Migeru: I think the refutations of mirror go still work:

Refuting mirror go  
Refuting mirror go  
White to play  


I would like to play a game on this board. Feel free to take White. Migeru

exswoo:All righty.

Goban with no tengen  
Captured stones and komi  


A kibitz: you both seem to be treating the gap in the center as a "ceiling". It seems to me that it is more like another "edge" that can be used to make a base. -Darron Shaffer

exswoo:That's a good point. I didn't think of it in that way. ---

Moves 51-60  
Black 55
At this point white has secured 85 points (with area scoring) so I think I have lost the game. Migeru


Moves 41-50  
Black 47
Looking for a place to resign...
Black 43
I think I have read this correctly. Migeru

exswoo:Looks like Might've pushed it one too far. (W 42)


Moves 31-40  
Black 37
Let's try this.
Black 35
I don't think I have a choice here.
Black 33
If my reading is correct, we're going to see some very interesting stuff happening when I hit the center. Migeru
White 34
True...if I was willing go that offensively...which I don't see the need for right now, since you're going to have to work to save those stones for the next couple of moves.
Black 31
Is a better? Migeru


Moves 21-30  
White 21
Let's see what happens when you hit the center Migeru
Moves 11-20  
Black 19
I thought about playing at b, but then white can cut at a with lots of aji.
Black 15
Question: does the fact that the center breaks ladders make a not a cut point any more? Migeru

exswoo after playing this far, I think the no Tengen variant has too big of an effect on a 13x13.. ---

Moves 1-10  
Black 7
Let's make some territory on the top. Migeru
Black 3
Now that I think about it, having no tengen makes the 3-4 point better than the hoshi. But that might not be true on 19x19. Migeru

Who wants to play a game of 9X9 Virtueless with me?...

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