2005 Revenge Of The Rengo

    Keywords: Ongoing game
!To celebrate the final installment of Star Wars let us begin another game of Rengo.

Make your play on main board and circle it (unmarking the previous play). Also, make your play on the numbered board, and leave a brief note identifying yourself and your play. Every 10 moves we have to start a new numbered board.

For how it's done, see Ongoing Game. For a discussion of the game see 2005 RevengeOfTheRengo/Discussion. Note: the discussion contains "spoilers" regarding the moves already played...read at your own risk ;)

Remember in Rengo you do not play two moves in a row

Jedi Masters.................Sith Lords

Obi Wan kokiri[1]...........Darth IanDavis

GoJaCen Solo..............Stormtrooper hotcoffee

Joelbacca.....................Stormtrooper PurpleHaze

Mef Windu....................Senator Hicham

Salacious Crux.............Darth Shindou

revo.................................Boba Tas

antimatter......................Charles Matthews

Current board

Captures: 0 Black, 0 White  


71: Ian: cut first

72: kokiri- shaking the tree to see what comes out...

73: PurpleHaze: Coming out...

74: crux: I have a cunning plan.

75: Hikaru79: It's been a while, huh? Well, it's the return of the Sith now :)

76: antimatter: Not if anything to say about it I have!

77: Charles This shape is too good to miss.


61: PurpleHaze: Not dying seems like a plan.

62: JoelR: some sort of follow-up

63: Ian: Totally innapropriate fighting move

JoelR: It has been more than two weeks. Have the other Jedi all been obliterated?

64: crux: Stronger, the dark side is :-(

65: PurpleHaze: Time to push through and cut. Hope this is the right point.

66: kokiri: hmmm, i don't like this much

67: Ian: crawling

68: JoelR: trying to regain some shape

69: PurpleHaze: I blew it with 65. I should have played at W66. 67 is passive, would have been nice to see it at R16.

70: revo: connecting seems good, hope I didn't misread the non-severity of the P15 cut.


51: PurpleHaze: Bring it on Rebel scum.

52: crux: I find our lack of eyes disturbing.

53: Hikaru79?

54: JoelR: De rigueur.

55: Tas: You are entering emperial territory. You shall not pass!

56: GoJaC: If we are worried about eyes, how about threatening to connect to reinforcements. If this isn't a good move, I suspect it would be because it results in damage to the marked stone?

57: PurpleHaze: Kikashi time

58: Mef: I'm pretty sure this works

59: IanDavis: Blaydon Races

60: Kokiri - err, Mornington Crescent?


41: PurpleHaze: Time to throw the cat among the pigeons.

42: JoelR: Okay, so 28 was stretchy. But I'm still generally happy with this.

43: Hicham: Connecting seems to big to allow, let's fight

44: crux: I have a bad feeling about this.

45: Was played by Darth Shindou if I'm not mistaken? Hard to detect the dark side is...

46: Jacen Solo: placing pressure on the (weak? don't underestimate the power of the) dark side, hoping neglecting defence won't be too costly.

47: PurpleHaze: Steady as she goes...


49: Ian: Keeping our head above the parapet

50: Joelbacca: RAAAR!


31: Oh no! Hikaru Skywalker has succumbed to the lure of the dark side, and become ... Darth Shindou!! (Note: The sides were unbalanced in number and black hadn't played in a long time, so it seemed appropriate :P)

32: JoelR: Waiting to play 34 I was, but if all of White is waiting, never happen that will.

33: PurpleHaze: Virtually forced.

34: Obi Wan: i don't know what all these people who worry about which side they are playing are on about - I can't remember which of the two rengos is which, let alone which colour i'm playing...

35:SenatorHicham: The path of evil is the path of logic...

36: JoelR: Move along.

37: PurpleHaze: Widen the eye space in sente.

38: crux: Close the blast doors!

39:Hicham: Follow the leader

40: GoJaCen Solo: Use the force for defence, never offence. Some move had to be played. I think this is obvious, but as paduan learner, I did wonder if something else is possible... (a?)

JoelR: Well done, young padawan. sometimes possible a is, but here if Wa, B10, then Bb would be sente.

21 - 30  

21: PurpleHaze: Revenge of the bad aji?

22: Joelbacca: RAAAR!

23: Hicham: Preventing atari, B21 can still be activated later on

24: crux: Oh well, better fix our problems here.

25: Ian: Don't like the aji

26:kokiri - i guess it's time to take sente

27: PurpleHaze: Argh, I return to find blacks position in ruins, B23 squandered all blacks resources. Something steady while we look for another opportunity.

28: JoelR: Trying to stabilize the right side of the board.

29: kokiri - things have gone quiet...tenuki again!

  • IanDavis Have you just moved to the Dark Side? :)
  • k: well you know, better dialogue, cooler clothes, more girls: it didn't seem a hard choice really...

30: dnerra - dual purpose weapon.

11 - 20  

11: (Hicham):Pulling back to make a strong shape, also because I am scared of crosscuts;)

12: Mef: I don't like making two moves in a row, but if no one is going to play...

13: PurpleHaze: Yeah! I avoided two in a row :). Now I'll try to keep sente so we can take the last oba.

14: GoJaC: Protecting the cutting point. I hope this is the best way to do it? (I also considered a, but that does not look as good to me.) ... (In retrospect, I'm still unsure if I made the right choice - 20k player here - maybe can discuss on the discussion page once the relevant moves have been played?)

15: IanDavis: offering the empty triangle

16: Mef: Looks like fun... I hope...

17: PurpleHaze: Okay, I'll bite.

18: JoelR: obvious

19: Hicham:Fighting spirit seems to require this... no Fear

20: Mef: Here goes nothing....

1 - 10  

3: hotcoffee 3-3 versus 5-3. Very unusual. Well another corner can't be bad.

4: GoJaC Claiming the last corner, now we have all the most common opening moves?

5: PurpleHaze: seems to be the oba, the shimari/kakari are miai.

6: kokiri i'm playing here because, well, i want to. is it alright with you?

7: IanDavis Feel the power of the dark side

8: GoJaC Defending against a pincer. I also considered a, but felt like playing on the fourth. Might b or c have been fine? How much discussion do we want in this game? (And why are we now playing two boards at once? Oh well, only 2 moves left, then we're back on one board.)

Mef: 2 boards, one is for the history of the game 10 moves at a time, the other is the current board position.

9: PurpleHaze: well then I'll pincer the other one!

10: Mef: Probably wrong, but I think white needs to make some kind of shape here...

( To Mef : I dont know if W10 is best or not in this position. But at least, your move is reasonable... Minue )

Mef: Thanks, I always welcome comments on my play, it's good to know I'm not completely on the wrong track. Do you perchance have any suggestions for what would be a better response here? I haven't really been able to study the distant approach joseki as much as I'd like to have, so I wasn't quite sure what to do.

Minue : I dont know how to creat discussion page. If you make it for me, I can show some variations.

Mef: As you wish : Discussion

[1] I reserve the right to go to the dark side however, much anger have I

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