DosGatos Mashtun Ongoing Game

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: Ongoing game
moves 1-10  

Black - DosGatos, White - Mashtun; Komi - 9
Let's begin!
B3 A little cautious move. [3]
W4 Right out of the book [1][2]
B5 This is a little competitive move (I didn't look up the site. Too lazy). : ) [4]
W6 Block. [5]
B7 Counter block, well a sort of. [6][9]
W8 [7]
B9 Not sure how to describe my move (as a newbie realizing some advanced folks watching ^_^;) Hopefully give some presense in the center area.[8]
W10 I guess I'm shoring up the side, but it seems like you have a better overall board position.

moves 11-20  

B1 Let's make a wall. : )
W2 OK. Not sure this move makes sense. Also thought about a (now B3), but it seemed like possibly giving up territory. My chosen move seems riskier since black could move to b. Learn as you go...(pun intended). [10]
B3 I could probably kill W2 by playing at b, but I thought this move will be better in the long run.
W4 Not feeling good about this, but trying to stem the flow.
B5 [11]

moves 21-30  

B3 No trespassing. : )
W4 A little slow to move.
B5 Building a wall...
W6 Maximize territory
B7 Block it
W8 Yeah.
B9 Secure the corner.
W10 Wish I could take more

moves 31-40  

B1 An effort to reduce White's territory.
W2 Block.
B3 Connect.

Outsider's comments are welcome!
[1] Actually, the book says that this connection is not as strong as B1-B3 or the slightly slanted one from W2 to a. It's written somewhere here on SL, and whoever looks it up will find a nice follow-up move for this game.
[2] Hmmm. I'm going to have to think about why it's a stronger move. I get the feeling 9x9 games are a little different than 19x19 games--much quicker move in to middle game.

[3] PurpleHaze: This is not cautious. B1 was cautious. This is in the wrong direction. Consider, b is the most solid, a is somewhat less solid but claims somewhat more territory, c is somewhat less solid yet claims somewhat less territory. Thus a is the best followed by b, and then c. Someone else made essentially the same comment about W4.


[4] PurpleHaze: Competitive is the one quality that this move does not have. Contact plays are made when your position needs strengthening so urgently that it does not matter that the opponent is strengthened even more. Contact plays are always local losses for global gains.

However, this is the correct direction of play. A better move would be this B3 aiming at a, when white responds to prevent a you would take the large point at b.


[5] PurpleHaze: This is not in any way a block. This is a hane, an invitation to fight. There are two competing basic instincts here. The other is to extend. Black's stone would now be very weak and he would be forced to re-enforce it giving you time to take a big point like a.


[6] PurpleHaze: Again a hane not a block. And again a fighting choice. Alternatives could be ...


Now white must patch the weakness at a, giving you time to take a big point like b.


Makes my head hurt :-)

[7] PurpleHaze: A small territorial move in an irrelevant part of the board. The upper right corner is set to explode. That fight will decide the game. Instead tenuki ...

(Sebastian:) Wait a second - didn't you just say "a big point like b"[6]?

PurpleHaze: Urgent points before big points. Size is relative, b is only large when the upper right is quiescent. If you undestood my comments they all say: settle the upper right in sente so that you can take a big point. Both of you have made the fight in the corner larger and more violent, then tenukied!

[8] PurpleHaze: Repeat of [7].

[9] PurpleHaze: Now that the corner has resolved to some extent, I'll comment on this position ...

Reference Diagram  

This position is very urgent. The cuts or connections at a and b must be settled now. So lets look at some of the options ...

1) Cut then Connect  
2) Force then Connect  
3a) Connect in Sente  
3b) Connect in Sente  

Which do you prefer? Personally I rank them: 3, 2, 1.

Then there are more difficult ones ...

What happens here?  

Can black play b and allow white to play a? Or must black protect the cut?

[10] PurpleHaze: The worst move on the board. Passing would be better, at least it would give Black one less prisonner. Passing would also give Black the opportunity to make an error, this forces him to play the best move.

Reference Diagram  

If you pass Black's choices are a, b, or c. All of which are good sente moves.

Reference Diagram  

Therefore your choices are a (the solid and territorial, perhaps honte, move), or one of b, c, and d (trying to keep sente to play a later).

[11] PurpleHaze: Oops, letting him off the hook.
DosGatos: Good point!

Shredding White  

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