Ongoing Game 6

    Keywords: Ongoing game


  • Komi is 6.5 for this game.
  • Discussion of moves in /Discussion.
  • Please play on one team only.

Teams: (add your name when you join the game)

Game over. W+7.5, great job White!

Keep track of captured stones here:

Captured stones  
241 and beyond, filling dame  

B41-W46 are mandatory defense moves and were not played in the actual game

Score White (circle/black+circle):

 Left:    33
 Top:     10
 Right:   10
 Bottom:  10
 Captures: 5
 Komi:     6.5
 Total:   74.5

Score Black (square/white+square):

 Bottom Left:   1
 Bottom Right:  4
 Center:       11
 Top left:      2
 Top Right:    48
 Captures:      1
 Total:        67

White wins by 7.5


B31: kb

W32: Andy: Hey, I thought I saw B31 jump off the bottom of the board. :) I'm moving again because W30 wasn't exciting enough to constitute an entire move.

B33: kb: I put it in the wrong place the first time. :(

W34: herman: sente followup to W30

B35: HolIgor: W34 was sente, indeed.

W36: fractic: Almost done.

B37: kb

W38: herman: another 1 point gote.

B39: kb: ditto

W40: Herman: Defending is mandatory here, and removes aji. Only dame are left, AFAICS.


B21: ThorAvaTahr: I am not sure but i think this is the best response

W22: Herman: endgame getting smaller and smaller :)

B23: Dieter: 2 points teire

ThorAvaTahr: Did you mean deiri?

W24: JG

B25: tapir

W26: Herman: defend

B27: ThorAvaTahr: Reverse sente (miai value 1)

W28: Herman: Obvious

B29: Dieter obvious

W30: Andy not too exciting


B11: ThorAvaTahr Are we letting go of the rotation rule in favor of getting the endgame finished quickly? Ok with me. :)

W12: Andy: take a point

B13: tapir: take two/three points

W14: Herman: Almost done.

B15: ThorAvaTahr: Sente (miai value 1)

W16: Herman: obvious

B17: ThorAvaTahr: Reverse sente (miai value 1)

W18: Andy: followup to W112

B19: kb

W20: fractic: Another small sente.


B1: kb

W2: Andy: I think this is ok.

B3: JoelR: Extending the whatsit.

W4: JG: It is only a shicho. I hope...

B5: ThorAvaTahr: The exact miai value of this move is not clear to me but it surely is larger than 1 point

W6: JG: It is not really my turn, but someone has to play the yose or the game will never end. The chosen move should be safe.

B7: Dieter: Captured stone at circle

W8: Herman

B9: Dieter (c'mon guys, let's finish it)

W10: fractic


B91 Joelr: forced.

W92: MrTenuki

B93: Keep it going (Dieter)

W94: Herman: Corner is always big :)

B95: Tapir

W96: fractic: I don't feel like playing this ko.

B97: ThorAvaTahr: Hmm ok.. then how about I take this stone?

W98: Andy: Sure, go ahead and take it.

B99: Tapir: Not sure about...

W100: Herman: Defending


B81 Joelr sente

W82 thanatos13 but it's not a reduction, I'm leaving two small ko threats for one point at j5.

B83 kb

W84 Herman

B85 ThorAvaTahr: Corner is always big :)

W86: Batavia: pick up a point

B87: Dieter

W88: symplicity

B89: Tapir

W90: JG More symplicity.


B71: tapir

W72: Batavia: nothing to say here either

B73: ThorAvaTahr: even though it looks small I am convinced it is large enough to play. (At very least it is a reverse sente point)

W74: fractic: Both sides have good follow ups after playing here.

B75: kb

W76: Starting the 'i love gote' club

B77: Dieter

W78: Andy

B79: Tapir

W80: Hylebos: Things are wrapping up nice and quick like. Huzzah.


B61: HolIgor: It looks like a moment to score the game. Could players try to post their estimates of the result? Herman: I posted one under /Discussion three moves ago :)

W62: fractic: Hard to pick a move right now. This looks big enough though.

B63: tapir: Gote, but i hope big enough.

W64: Andy: I hope this isn't aji keshi.

B65: kb

W66: thanatos13: I like this move.

B67: Dieter

W68: Herman: Captured stone at circle

B69: Joelr: This is gote after the loss of circle

W70: Batavia?: Gote, but at least it destroys some of black's possible points


B51: ThorAvaTahr: feels big to answer here

W52: Hylebos: I could play safely, but that would be boring. Lets see how black plays here.

B53: JoelR: Black plays a boring move.

W54: Andy: Take some chip shots over here now.

B55: tapir: To prevent disaster (i.e. death through boredom)

W56: Herman: Double sente, IMO

B57: Dieter.

W58: JG: It would be costly if B pushed through here.

B59: JoelR: Maybe this is the biggest move.

W60: thanatos13: looks fun, let's complicate things!


B41: Tapir answers... No!

W42: symplicity: Yaaah!

B43: kb

W44: Andy: not reading too deeply here

B45: JoelR: touch and go...

W46: fractic: Let's just keep sente and be happy with that.

B47: ThorAvaTahr: oki, connect!

W48: Batavia? B didn't answer my small gote move here earlier so lets see what else we can do here. (and black of course shouldn't look at the discussion page for the comments made there)

B49: Ttoxcs? Let's see what your up to.

W50: Herman: See monkey, do monkey :)


B31: Tapir played this by basic instinct.

W32: MrTenuki: Let's get something out of W30.

B33: kb

W34: Andy

B35: Dieter

W36: Hylebos: Nothing wrong with this move I suppose.

B37: JoelR: Still dealing with W30.

W38: Batavia?: feel like another move here is needed. upper right turned out to be huge for black

B39: ThorAvaTahr: There are many urgent moves, but I would like to get this one for black first.

W40: Herman: Can I cut here, please? ;-)


B21: HolIgor: Desperately trying to prevent eye formation,

W22: Andy: I think this gets white at least a seki here. I would love for this to have been done in sente, but couldn't figure out a way. I think the game is close now.

B23: ThorAvaTahr: Despair won't kill white's group, let's try to find big endgame moves :)

W24: fractic: B23 is very big. Let's first finish this monkey jump here.

B25: JoelR: Choosing among the forced moves.

W26: Batavia?: Small gote move, feel free to ignore this ;-)

B27: HolIgor: Just to restart this. A self-demaging move. I hope it is sente, so black will have time to think how to respond to W26.

W28: Batavia?: Told you W26 is just a small gote move ;-). but i think connecting all the stones here is big enough

B29: JoelR: This move was more fun before W28, but I still think it's big enough.

W30: Herman: Lets put a dent in this area :)


B11: Defending B105. Tapir.

W12: Andy: I can't help but feel white has used a sub-optimal move order here.

B13: Celebrir: Defending against the cut.

W14: IanDavis: Captain always wins

B15: HolIgor The result may be desastrous.

W16: Batavia? Cut first, ask questions later

B17: ThorAvaTahr: It seems we get to keep the corner ;)

W18: Batavia? maybe some more false eyes will help us

B19: kb

W20: Herman: More eyeshape


B1: Celebrir: No, I guess it is really a sente monkey...

W2: Andy: That'll do monkey; that'll do.

B3: ThorAvaTahr: connect

W4: Herman: Banzai!

B5: Celebrir: Taking the risk that the whole black team is going to kill me, I guess this move is the best one. But I have to admit that W4 is a very painful for black.

W6: JG: Cannot think of anything else.

B7: kb

W8: Batavia?: trying to see if we can save some aji here

B9: JoelR: Too many cut points. W6 really hurts.

W10: fractic: Let's get some forcing moves


B91: JoelR: Prove it.

W92: Jay?: So basically white is down by (by my counting) 20+ points. This is a marginally risky invasion, probably should have gone deeper somewhere.

B93: Celebrir: Joining the Black team, because it has less members and has to make a move.

W94: Herman: Lets see how black responds :)

B95: tapir

W96: JG: Not a tenuki. In the hope of finding out what W94 meant.

B97: kb

W98: Andy

B99: ThorAvaTahr: Seems like a big endgame move to me

W100: Hylebos: A sente monkey's jump? Do my eyes decieve me?


B81: Tapir: No comment :)

W82: k43r: Looks natural

B83: ThorAvaTahr: Defend

W84: fractic: Making some eyeshape while keeping an eye on the bottom.

B85: JoelR: Solidifying the top.

W86: Andy: Get in some forcing moves to live in the center

B87: HolIgor: Let's do some more fighting.

W88: Herman: obvious

B89: ThorAvaTahr: I will take the blame for not following up on B87, but I didn't know just how. This looks big as well, I would not like a white move in this area.

W90: JG: So many places to play. Let's try some MutualDamage.


B71: Joelr: use the ladder-maker

W72: Andy: cut while you can

B73: tapir: Run white!

W74: fractic: No way to avoid a game deciding fight now.

B75: ThorAvaTahr: only move?

W76: Herman: Making shape.

B77: kb

W78: JG: It is hard to find a move. A leaning attack might work.

B79: HolIgor: Keep on fighting.

W80: Andy: just to keep things moving.


B61: Tapir

W62: Andy

B63: kb: I can almost put my foot in it!

W64: JG: White is thicker than Black. Time to go all-out.

B65: joelr: good stone to have in a fight.

W66: fractic: Gotta keep cutting.

B67: tapir: Basic instinct.

W68: IanDavis: Captain the best

B69: HolIgor: Accept the challenge.

W70: JG: No-one else wants to play, so here goes.


B51: HolIgor: Thinking of miai.

W52: Andy: expand the left while crushing black's dreams of a huge center :)

B53: Joelr: I do feel crushed, and must respond.

W54: JG: White has enough local strength for this move.

B55: tapir

W56: fractic: Obvious.

B57: ThorAvaTahr: Feels like correct shape here

W58: Herman

B59: kb

W60: Hylebos: I get to make an easy move for once. Yay!


B41: HolIgor: Fight.

W42: Andy: complicated. I think white can play this way because the ladder is good for her. I hope I didn't screw this up too badly.

B43: kb: Atari -> extend.

W44: JG: W42 assumed this move is OK. Let's find out!

B45: Joelr: Time to escape!

W46: fractic: Time to capture this stone.

B47: ThorAvaTahr: Although it seems to make the group heavy, I still like to play the solid connection.

W48: Hylebos: I get the feeling that this game is going to be a bit tough for white.

B49: kb: Don't like to break the one-move-per-board rule, but no one else is playing.

W50: Herman: Only move


B31: Tapir: Returning to the left. I'm not too confident with this move... but we will need some strength to deal with the white framework(s) later.

W32: Andy: Just keep this simple for now.

B33: HolIgor: It is difficult to play low now. Let's try keshi.

W34: fractic: Letting Black invade the top after B33 could endanger our two stones at the top right. I think this points strikes the best balance when it comes to defending the top.

B35: kb: Time to live.

W36: anonymous: ok

B37: JoelR: always push

W38: JG: White should try to stay connected, even though Black will probably push through and cut.

B39: ThorAvaTahr: In for a penny, in for a pound...

W40: Hylebos: Surely the hane can't be too dangerous, right?


B21: Holigor: The previous move by the black very much determines this reply. Black takes the corner and is ready to endure some kikashi.

W22: JG The only move?

B23: JoelR The only move.

W24: Andy: I'm happy to get this easy white move. The next white move is going to require some thought.

B25: Tapir: Grab the initiative?

W26: fractic: I'm afraid this move is too heavy but letting Black capture at this point would remove pretty much all the aji in the corner. I just couldn't find a good alternative.

B27: kb: Thick.

W28: Herman: Capture stone at circle

B29: ThorAvaTahr: I am thinking of several strange moves but let's just try a normal (-looking) move :) At least it is big :)

W30: JG: Natural response to B29. It was hard to decide between this point and the nearby star point.


B11: Holigor: On a boundary of two big spheres of influence.

W12: Herman: Let's be nasty to this stone :)

B13: ThorAvaTahr: Ouch that looks like a big corner. But let's just push down the other corner and see if white's high position still works well together.

W14: JG: The boundary of two frameworks. Which side White should push out?

B15: Tapir.

W16: Andy: I think this keeps a good balance.

B17: JoelR: There's still some aji in B13 . Time to take the big point.

W18: fractic: Let's play a probe here.

B19: ThorAvaTahr: Well, it looks like a good probe, because I don't know which response to play here, keeping in mind the B17 low stone

W20: Herman: Cut first, think later.


B1: tapir: No comment.

W2: fractic: I don't play the 3-3 point often. So for a change: W2.

B3: JoelR: I do play the 3-5 point often. I'm curious how it interacts with the 3-3 point. B3

W4: Herman: Well then, for kicks, lets throw in a 5-4 point as well] ;-)

B5: ThorAvaTahr: Haha! Another game, count me in :) (sorry, no fancy moves from my part :P )

W6: JG: This feels good after W4.

B7: Is this tapir's move?

W8: Andy: It looks like black's stones are going to slide off the right side of the board.

B9: JoelR: Either Andy dared me to play on the left, or the right. I'm not sure.

W10: fractic: This going to work well with W8.

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