Vernal Equinox Rengo 2003

    Keywords: Ongoing game

Make your move in the SL Vernal Equinox Rengo 2003!

Make your play on main board and circle it (unmarking the previous play). Also, make your play on the numbered board, and leave a brief note identifying yourself and your play. Every 10 moves we have to start a new numbered board.

For how it's done, see Ongoing Game. Enjoy!

Why don't we list the players on each side and their strengths?

  1. AvatarDJFlux 2k
  2. BlueWyvern
  3. Dave loudmouth
  4. Dieter 1d, only occasionally
  5. unkx80 another loudmouth
  6. ColinG - first time 2d
  1. Charles 3d
  2. dnerra 3d
  3. Migeru 11k
  4. HolIgor 1k
  5. Jesse 10k
  6. Kokiri 2k
  7. Ping
Vernal Equinox Rengo 2003  
Captured stones and komi (6.5)  
Moves 61-80  

ColinG W66

Ping B65: B63 actually looks like a aji-keshi move.w seems very solid after the exchange of B3,W4. So I decide to fix b shape first with B5.

DJ W64: Trying to be patient and stopping my hand from playing fancy, aji-keshi moves to keep Black from cutting...
BTW, welcome back to played Go after so much blabla ;-)))
Isn't about time to finish the Black Sheep Rengo 2003 and get ready for the 2004 Peace Rainbow Rengo?

kokiri B63 - Shape point?

Dave: W62. Natural, I think.

dnerra: B61. Slow or vital point? Charles Where I would have played, anyway. Mutual base point.

Moves 51--60  

unkx80: W60. The march to the center continues.

kokiri Hmmm- white's position across the bottom is starting to look quite strong I want to get out towards the centre

DaveSigaty W58. Continuing for now.

Charles B57. Necessary, really.

unkx80 W56: The game is very much in Black's favour. But since someone wants to revive the game, I'll just carry on.

Jesse: Don't feel compelled to play on my account. If there was a good reason to abandon the game, that's fine. I just like to see a rengo game going since I think they're fun to follow and a great source of discussion.

Jesse B55: basic instinct, hopefully not disgustingly. This game seems interesting and far from played out, so I thought I'd join to get things going again.

DJ W54: disgustingly reckless, but nobody played in the last month and half...

HolIgor: B53: disgustingly slow.

unkx80: W52.

dnerra: B51.

Moves 41--50  

DJ W50: Nobody plays, so I have decided to take full responsibility for my recklessness...
Ishida says that B59 is a greedy move: to me it has always looked as a grabbing-lots-of-point move. Let's what happens.

Charles Here the point of B9 is mostly to steal the base of W8. This is the way to use black+square, to attack. I have created a page side pattern from VER 2003, to discuss the lower side as it was before W8.

Charles B49. Well, I always wanted black+square one line lower.

unkx80: W48. Go criticize me all you want, because I really don't know how to play.

dnerra: B47. About the "What else?": I was wondering about White at a both for W44 and W46.

unkx80: I did consider a. My intention is to play W44 before playing a, so that it may be possible to play the atari at b when the need arises. However I did not want to make two moves in a row.

DJ W46: What else?
Still, I'd like to go back a little... If, still ashamed for my poor play, I am entitled a little discussion about W40...

Migeru: B45. What else?

unkx80: W44. What else?

Charles B43.

DaveSigaty: W42. Two in a row but I count this one as forced :-)

dnerra: B41.

Moves 31-40  

DaveSigaty W10 (White 40) The good guys :-) seem to be in a spot of trouble here!

Charles B9 (Black 39)

Dieter: W8 (White 38)

Migeru B7 (Black 37): I suspect it might be time for tenuki, but since white can't fail to reply to this...

DJ W6 (White 36): Ten days went by since Black's last move here... I feel like the Snow Team is disgusted with my mistake and doesn't want to play anymore. Therefore, spreading me head with ashes, I'll try to salvage something, just hoping not to make things even worse...

Charles B5 (Black 35). Can't tenuki yet.

DJ: Mamma mia! it's my turn to make a disaster... :-(
There is no disaster in rengo...:) --dnerra

DJ W4 (White 34): Oh Shape! Thou art my weakest point%%% I've played this way because I want a way out, because playing a feels submissive to me, and because playing b could provoke Black c and I didn't like this either...
And... I like a team of loudmouths!

dnerra: B3 (Black 33): I feel obliged to answer W2.

DaveSigaty: W2 (White 32) Since the action has been so slow, I will make two plays in a row. Come on White team, let's Go! :-)

Charles B1 (Black 31). Strengthen one group might be the responsible thing.

Moves 21-30  

DaveSigaty: W30.

Migeru: B29. Keep it simple, stupid :-)

unkx80: W28. The natural response?

dnerra: B27. These two white stones cannot be attacked anyway, so we may as well strengthen them.

Trying to parse that statement here... Migeru

DaveSigaty: White 26. Just playing to prevent Black from settling too easily.

Charles: Black 25. Suddenly Black has a bad position. Dieter: No need to hammer it home. Keep it rengo. Charles Keep it wiki is a good idea, too.

unkx80: W24. I think that B23 is almost certainly a mistake. It should have been at a.

VER 2002 B23 Discussion

Migeru B3 (Black 23): I think the black group in the UR will live now, so let's establish a base on the upper side (and threaten to slide into the UL corner, so this is hopefully sente).

DJ W2 (White 22): Uh, I'll finish this. It looks (very locally) joseki...

Charles B1 (Black 21).

HolIgor: Interesting. I would definitely play

Move 31. Alternatives  

B7 could be at a as well.

Charles Black isn't in trouble there? We are still in joseki, according to Yi Ch'ang-ho and Yamashita Keigo. To put it another way, eye space in the corner is important for Black.

Moves 11-20  

DJ W10 (White 20): Well, nobody's playing and this move is a consequence of my previous one, so I think it's OK to play twice and keep things going.
From Charles' analysis I've understood that playing to make ko was sort of premature, and that W4 would have been hurt more than in this variation.
Am I correct? Charles I think W8 and W10 are a reasonable direction of play.

Migeru B9 (Black 19): this looks like the right side to press from: d is bad shape. Expanding on DJ's comment, it's good to have people a whole 15 stones stronger to clean up after me ;-)

DJ W8 (White 18): Probe! Probe%%% I adore Rengo's! If you make mistakes, there's always a stronger player ready to correct you...

dnerra B7 (Black 17): Seems the only move. Looks very ko-ish, and I don't know where we are heading...but I am certainly delighted to play a difficult ko being on the same side as the [ext] expert on that matter :-) Charles I disclaim expertise, but I'd welcome a ko fight. Still, I don't see one in this joseki after W8 as played. If that had been at c, sure.

VER 2003 B17 discussion

Dave Interesting! I have never encountered this before. It seems to me that with support along both the top and the right, White should not back down here. Hence W6 (White 16).

Charles B5 (Black 15) No need to play the most ordinary joseki here.

DJ W4 (W14): I agree that the RS looks important for white. I didn't like the result of a white invasion in SanSan, nor of W b, B at W4, W c.
The only other interesting option the came to my mind was the following:

Option for W14  

But the risk is that it would help Black to develop down the right side...

dnerra: B3 (B13). Charles I prefer at a, to play steadily on this side where White may become strong. dnerra Interesting. I thought the upper side was more important than the right side, so a felt like giving in.

VER 2003 B13 discussion

BlueWyvern: W12

Migeru: B1 (B11). A strong left side. Charles This is the correct direction. But one more line for a three-space extension is important in relation with the lower left corner.

Moves 1-10  

Dave: W10. Let's be calm. Charles Dave, at a is calm: W10 is just normal. You were considering a pincer? Dave Perhaps balanced would be a better term. I think a leaves the top played out for the moment while W10 leaves approaching the upper right or attacking on the left side as miai.

Charles: B9. Let's be speedy.

BlueWyvern: W8.

Question: is this overconcentrated? Or does it just come out to two net moves to secure a corner, so it's like shimari? - Migeru

dnerra: B7.

DaveSigaty: W6. White is willing to treat the right and the bottom as miai. Charles B5 played low is to initiate a counter-pincer plan if White plays a two-space or three-space pincer. Now we'll have something different.

Charles B5. Here there is a reason to approach low.

BlueWyvern W4: Territory vs. Influence, here we go!

Migeru B3: I usually try to play sanrensei, but this is supposed to be a learning experience, so let's take opposite corners.

AvatarDJFlux W2: A time-honoured reply?

Charles Matthews B1. A celebrated opening.

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