Ongoing Game 2

  Difficulty: Beginner   Keywords: EndGame, Ongoing game

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A 'group rengo' game where everyone may play. Please place your moves both in the diagram below and the numbered diagram further down. See OngoingGame for further explanation.

Can we improve the quality or interest of these rengos? I've put some thoughts on ImprovingSLRengos. -- MortenPahle

Could somebody enlighten me as a complete beginner, please? It seems to me that there is not a lot of point in playing on from this position. It all seems pretty cut-and-dried. When I play, I'm used to losing by really BIG margins. Have I missed anything exciting? Thanks. -- Geoff

HolIgor: There were some exciting moments in this game. Look at the comments. About the really big margins. As soon as both opponents learn to avoid blunders and make reasonable moves the margins tend to decrease. On the level of 1st kyu 10 points is a very large margin. But, of course, some game involve complex life and death or semeai. In this case the win or loss is usually by resignation.

Arno: the game is over. White wins by 3.5.

Geoff: This was the crucial point I missed, thank you Arno. I am afraid that I assumed that Tedomari was someone's name and he was about to play next. Looked it up now. Sorry.

Ongoing game 2 (last move marked)  
Captured stones & komi  

Earlier Analysis:

Discussions to continue below.

Ongoing game 2 (241 - 250)  

HolIgor: W244 - tedomari. 0.5 points miai counting. My calculations give W +3.5 taking into account 5.5 points komi.
DaveSigaty: B243. 0.5 points.
HolIgor: W242. 0.75 points.
Agt: B241. 1.0 point

Ongoing game 2 (231 - 240)  

HolIgor: W240. 1 point.
DaveSigaty: B239. 1 point.
HolIgor: W238. 0.75 points.
DaveSigaty: B237. HolIgor: This is difficult to estimate. It gets one point while one or two more become ko dependant. Any help?
HolIgor: W236 1 point.
DaveSigaty: B235, almost done now. HolIgor It seems to be zero point sente.
HolIgor: W234. 1.25 point. Defends a stone creates a half point move.
DaveSigaty: B 233
HolIgor: W232

Ongoing game 2 (221 - 230)  

Bill: W 230: Atari, atari!

DaveSigaty: B 229

HolIgor: W228

unkx80: B227.

Bill Spight: W 226. One point sente.

DaveSigaty: B225. One point in reverse sente.

HolIgor: W224. I make the third move in a row.

dnerra: B223.

HolIgor: W222. B221 seems sente to me too. I could be wrong, too.

Dieter: Holigor and Agt, B221 is sente and no way you can be wrong about that. The question of playing one point sente, on the other hand, is whether you want to lose a ko threat. But here I could be wrong ...

Agt: B221. Seems sente to me but I could be wrong...

Ongoing game 2 (211 - 220)  

HolIgor: W220

dnerra: B219

unkx80: B217

DaveSigaty: W216

HolIgor: B215 was played on a dame itself but prepared a follow-up worth two points sente. If White played at the same point she could increase her score by a point. Therefore the move was worth 1,5 points.

White's defense saved two points. A move at a takes three points of territory from Black, so the value of the move is 1.5 points miai. Was it larger? -- dnerra: I think a was worth 1.75 points. But White 216 still seems larger to me (it that is what you were discussing.)

Agt: B215

HolIgor: W214

unkx80: B213. Just another move to wrap up the game. =)

HolIgor: W212. "Watashi, watashi" as Sai says.

dnerra: B211 -- here is another big move for you, Bill :)

Ongoing game 2 (201 - 210)  

210: Bill: I get the big moves. ;-)

209: unkx80

208: Bill

207: Again dnerra.

206: Dave

205: dnerra

204: HolIgor

201: Dieter

202: Dave

203: Dieter

dnerra: Ah, then I could have dared to play there without spoiling Dieter's plans - this is what I would done about BlaCK 195, too :)

Ongoing Game 2 last edited by Unkx80 on October 5, 2003 - 12:20
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