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Sensei's Library uses a limited set of page headers in order to simplify some searches and to indicate that the current page has a special significance. Proper use of page headers makes SL more usable.

Page headers are seen at the top right hand side of the page and can, whilst editing, be set/selected on the right of the main edit box.

To search for pages with specific page headers, use the Advanced Find Page.

This is the type of the page. Sensei's Library deals with different types in different ways:
  • none: A standard page, no special treatment. Most pages will be of this type.
  • HomePage: The SL home of a user, like Arno Hollosi. The page will show up in the list of home pages.
  • Path: Indicates that the page lists several other pages which can be visited one after the other by using the 'path' links on the left. This header option doesn't change the way the page is displayed, but does change the way the pages belonging to the path can be navigated through. See How Paths Work for more information.
  • Alias: Pages can be aliases of other pages. If you go to an alias page you are directly taken to the referenced page. See also: How Aliases Work.
  • Forum: Pages can be forums. You can set pages to the "Forum" pagetype. Unless you know what this does, stay away from it. see How Forums work
Relevant for pages which directly discuss the game. Indicates the difficulty of the subject dealt with on the page.
Indicates a set of keywords relevant to the current page. Several keywords can be selected. Use ctrl+click, otherwise only the last is selected.

Propose new pageheaders

If you would like to have an additional keyword, pagetype, or difficulty rating added to the page header data, then contact Arno Hollosi or Morten Pahle.

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