Wu Ren Go 3


You know you want to! Please read the Rules and then add yourself to one of the teams. It's great fun. Do you have questions or remarks? Post them at the discussion page.

Now that this game is done, does anyone of the dans want to review it? ---


Komi 6.5, Japanese rules

Moves 91 to 100  
  • B91 bacteria: Take the corner.
  • W92 jvloenen: Get the corner. We continue here.
  • B93 Dieter: block and connect.
  • W94 jvloenen: We resign. Thank you for playing.

Moves 81 to 90  
  • B81 Uberdude: Alright then, have this in sente...
  • W82 jvloenen: Thank you. Finally we return to the other corner.
  • B83 bacteria: Cut here.
  • W84 jvloenen: Only move (of the only two moves suggested).
  • B85 bacteria: Double sente, so get it quickly.
  • W86 jvloenen: We had only one suggestion in four weeks of thinking. So finally here it is.
  • B87 bacteria: Sente is better than gote
  • W88 jvloenen: Ok, we agree.
  • B89 bacteria: Only follow-up.
  • W90 tapir: Defend.
  • bacteria: How do I create another goban for moves 91-100?

Moves 71 to 80  
  • B71 Uberdude: Poke
  • W72 jvloenen: Protect our precious territory
  • B73 Uberdude: And again please
  • W74 jvloenen: Ok, protect again
  • B75 Uberdude: Sorry for the delay
  • W76 jvloenen: We're tired of answering your moves
  • B77 bacteria: Hello. Protect our precious territory
  • W78 jvloenen: Welcome to the game bacteria!
  • B79 Uberdude: Only move
  • W80 jvloenen: It is time to return to this corner.

Moves 61 to 70  
  • B61 Uberdude: Extend
  • W62 Tapir: One of us is going to die here.
  • B63 Uberdude: Cut
  • W64 Tapir: Make W62 feel important.
  • B65 Uberdude: Atari the cutting stone!
  • W66 Tapir: Extend the cutting stone.
  • B67 Uberdude: Ignore the cutting stone
  • W68 Tapir: Please go ahead and take some territory
  • B69 Uberdude: Thank you, and Merry Christmas
  • W70 jvloenen: A happy new year to everyone!

First pic for 2011 [ext] http://imgur.com/qtdBS

Moves 51 to 60  
  • B51 Uberdude: Live in the corner
  • W52 Tapir: Triple purpose
  • B53 Uberdude: Let's destroy each other's potential
  • W54 Tapir: Make some new potential instead
  • B55 Uberdude: This looks exciting.
  • W56 jvloenen: Start looking for new possibilities.
  • B57 Uberdude: Extend to not aid your sabaki
  • W58 jvloenen: Getting stronger in the center
  • B59 Uberdude: Crab pincer!
  • W60 jvloenen: Poke the crab.

Uberdude: I will be on holiday 2nd - 11th October.

60 moves [ext] http://imgur.com/sgkn7.jpg

Moves 41 to 50  
  • B41 Uberdude: Obvious hane
  • W42 jvloenen: A powerful double hane.
  • B43 Uberdude: We don't want a ponnuki on the top side.
  • W44 jvloenen: We don't mind getting a ponnuki on this side.
  • B45 Uberdude: We need conditional moves like on OGS.
  • W46 jvloenen: Normal local response.

Uberdude: I (and some other players too perhaps) am going to the EGC for 2 weeks tomorrow so may not be around to play. If I don't appear someone else feel free to take over as captain.

Abydos1: Should we put the game on hold for now then? How many people are actually going? jvloenen said he won't be here for a couple weeks either.

Uberdude: I have returned.

  • B47 Uberdude: Connect.
  • W48 Abydos1: Connect.
  • B49 Uberdude: Extend to create aji.
  • W50 Tapir: Crawling ahead.

Moves 31 to 40  
  • B31 Uberdude: Atari
  • W32 jvloenen: Connect
  • B33 Uberdude: Connect
  • W34 jvloenen: Play in the middle of the largest open space.
  • B35 Uberdude: Atari on boundary of moyos
  • W36 tapir: Connection on boundary of moyos
  • B37 Uberdude: Take the corner points.
  • W38 jvloenen: Block
  • B39 Uberdude: Obvious extension
  • W40 tapir: Obvious hane

Moves 21 to 30  
  • B21 Uberdude: Hello. Extend for shape and to develop influence.
  • W22 jvloenen: Welcome. And we like to have your cutting stone.
  • B23 Uberdude: Extend from our wall to develop moyo
  • W24 jvloenen: Invade
  • B25 Uberdude: Pincer attack
  • W26 jvloenen: Getting out
  • B27 Uberdude: There is death in the hane
  • W28 jvloenen: Please, have mercy
  • B29 Uberdude: for now...
  • W30 jvloenen: So we better make eyes fast

At 30 [ext] http://imgur.com/YZia5.jpg

Moves 11 to 20  
  • B11 isd: nobi train
  • W12 jvloenen: Jump.
  • B13 isd: nobi train
  • W14 tapir: use public transport when available!
  • B15 isd: nobi train (My team think i'm playing this because it's a good move, but actually I'm just trying to nobi across the board.)
  • W16 tapir: hane at the head of the train
  • B17 isd: Why doesn't my team have another captain :'(
  • W18 jvloenen: How strong is your nobi train driver? You don't need him anymore.
  • B19 isd: we pass.
  • W20 jvloenen: You passed at K16? A little schizophrenic eh?

20 moves [ext] http://imgur.com/RdGtk.jpg

Moves 1 to 10  
  • B1 isd: Well we had to start somewhere...
  • W2 tapir: Flexible answer, looking forward to B3
  • B3 isd: art class
  • W4 jvloenen: Last corner.
  • B5 isd: Don't know how to describe this one
  • W6 jvloenen: A normal quiet response.
  • B7 isd: like a swan floating on a smooth lake.
    • celebrir: Wait a moment, at our subpage he choosed J4 so I'm not sure which one he wanted, but I guess it should be J4
    • isd: misclicked! there, adjusted it.
  • W8 jvloenen: Misclicked in a text-editor? The black team isn't panicking I hope?
  • B9 Pressing down on the poor white stone
  • W10 tapir: A normal quiet response.

The fun begins again [ext] http://imgur.com/liqdM.jpg

Andy: Maybe it's not too early for some analysis...?

Moves 56 to 61  

B57 and B61 have been bothering me since they were played, but I've struggled to articulate why. They seem to make a kind of sense: white is looking for some sabaki, so black plays solidly to deny white these possibilities.

However, now I come across this problem below in Nagahara's Strategic Concepts of Go...

SCoG: Problem 50  

SCoG: Black to play
In response to W1, Black plays keima with B2. Next, White tries to make sabaki by attaching at W3. How can Black utilize his thick wall to prevent White from carrying out his plans?

SCoG: Problem 50 -- correct answer  

SCoG: Correct
The correct answer is for Black to play the keima of B1. This is the vital point for both players. Now there is no way for White to make sabaki or to escape. The sequence to B7 shows one variation.

SCoG: Problem 50 -- incorrect answer  

SCoG: Incorrect
If Black descends with B1, white+square becomes kikashi and White immediately jumps to W2. Black will not be able to capture these White stones and so Black's wall is rendered useless. The lesson that should be learned from this example is that when one is strong in one part of the board, he should not become embroiled in a fight because his opponent will easily be able to make sabaki. In Correct, Black hit White's vital point of sabaki before he could execute his kikashi. Black, however, was able to do this because of his stable formation in this part of the board which rendered White's subsequent kikashi useless.

Wu Ren Go 3 -- Moves 56 to 61  

Andy: So now I think I can articulate my misgivings over B57 and B61. By playing solidly this way within his sphere of influence, both W56 and W60 become kikashi and Black has been forced. I don't have any better moves to suggest for Black, but I feel better now being able to describe explicitly what only felt vaguely problematic before.

Any other comments or suggestions?

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