Wu Ren Go

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kb: I thought expanding on Bill's idea of a 'team game' would be a great idea for learning for any level of players. I propose the idea of "Wu Ren Go" ("Wu" in Chinese is 5) where a team of four weaker players decide on move candidates at each board position and the team captain, hopefully 3-4 stones better (in accordance with a high level player's comment whom I can't recall who said that the teacher should be about 3-4 stones stronger than the student), decides on one move to play - he or she MUST pick from his team members' suggestions. Ongoing comments completely welcome as we go - no reason not to comment on games.

Logistically, it doesn't seem reasonable for a team to stay the same five members the entire game on SL, so maybe we should just, say, create a game where a dan or low SDK player must choose from the candidate moves each time and high-SDK and DDK players make the suggestions.

As an SDK I'd like to both play as a weaker player on a game like this and be a team captain for another game. Both present great opportunities for learning. Whoever is interested in playing a game in this manner please record your name below in the list.

DJ: I welcome the idea!

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