Ongoing Game 4

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kb: There hasn't been an ongoing game on Sensei's for quite a while, so let's start a new one! Anyone is free to make a move, but once you play for one side, please only play for that side. Also, give others a chance to play before playing the move yourself. Feel free to make a comment when you play the move.

Komi is 6.5 for this game.

Discussion of moves in /Discussion.
Review in /Review.

Captured stones  
Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 171 - 180  

B1 kb: Connect

W2 JG: Connect to ensure no weakness later.

B3 unkx80: Play a sente move first.

W4 MrTenuki: Forced.

B5 TedErnst: Mix things up

W6 ThorAvaTahr: I just don't want trouble in our biggest area.

B7 kb: Threaten some rather nasty things.

W8 JG: Keep calm and stay connected.

Black resigns at move 178.

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 161 - 170  

B1 unkx80: Just connect.

W2 JG: May be the right time for this move.

B3 gauss: Double sente.

W4 ThorAvaTahr: I am not quite sure whether this is the largest point on the board, but well let's believe black this time :)

B5 fractic: keep playing endgame.

W6 symplicity: Threaten Black's connection while blocking.

B7 ap: seems needed

W8 Herman Hiddema: hane on the first line

B9: Dieter: I wanted to make the next move. Too bad.

W10: ThorAvaTahr: Perhaps black will think this is sente ;)

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 151 - 160  

B1 fractic: Retaking the ko.

W2 Herman Hiddema: defend

B3 Dieter: Master happy but not sure is master.

W4 MrTenuki: Again, please see the discussion page :-@

B5 ap: keep on keeping on

W6 At 151, connecting the ko. Malcolm: I reckon White can win this way. Sorry if I'm wrong!

B7 fractic: If white ignores the threat we have to make good on it.

W8 Herman Hiddema: Back to playing endgame, then

B9 Dieter: Declaration of close game.

W10: take stone in sente

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 141 - 150  

B1 ap shortage of liberties

W2 LukeNine45: Three outside liberties, three holes to fill, no?

B3 kb

W4 MrTenuki: See discussion page for spoilers... :-@

B5 Dieter: Master know what he doing.

W6 LukeNine45: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth...

B7 fractic: An attempt to salvage something.

W8 symplicity: Obvious.

B9 ap: plenty of venom in this sting

W10 MrTenuki: I think White does have to respond to this...

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 131 - 140  

B1 Dieter

W2 Tapir

B3 ap: aversion to gote, even big gote

W4 LukeNine45: Keep it all connected...

B5 Dieter

W6 Herman Hiddema

B7 kb

W8 MrTenuki W6 wouldn't make sense otherwise...

B9 fractic: Saving the stone is important.

W10 Ryzours : seems obvious

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 121 - 130  

B1 Andy Pierce: I'd like to keep going for a bit, but I think white has a substantial lead.

W2 LukeNine45: Stay connected. Now that black is open at the top it feels close again.

B3 kb: This looks like it gives Black the most aji and the most points.

W4 malcolm

B5 kb: Close off territory in sente

W6 MrTenuki: Looks forced to me...

B7 fractic: What kb said.

W8 Herman Hiddema: Prevent black from closing off territory :)

B9 Andy Pierce: usual

W10 LukeNine45: Obvious

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 111 - 120  

B1 kb

W2 JG This move should earn points even if black responds locally.

B3 unkx80: So many big moves on the board. I don't know where is the biggest.

W4 LukeNine45: Maybe black has to give up some points here to avoid really bad aji?

B5 Dieter: no comment

W6 Herman Hiddema: Big move that connects

B7 Andy Pierce

W8 Herman Hiddema: Stay connected in the center

B9 unkx80: Just to get the game going.

W10 JG: Black is thick outside. Monkey-jump may be well-timed.

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 101 - 110  

B1 Andy Pierce double sente?

W2 Jamal: peep

B3 kb: Defend, this is large.

W4 LukeNine45: Maybe we can make enough trouble here to catch up.

B5 gauss: Looks like I need to remove a liberty from W4 while defending the weakness on the bottom.

W6 Tapir: Let us try it...

B7 Dieter: and deny it ...

W8 LukeNine45: I don't think the sequence from 4-8 lost us more than it gained us.

B9 kb

W10 Jamal

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 91 - 100  

B91 kb

W92 Ryzours White lives. Ready for counterattack.

B93 gauss Connect.

W94 Herman Hiddema: Will black let us connect under here?

B95 Dieter: Go ahead

W96 LukeNine45: We're way behind. How'd that happen?

B97 unkx80: Of course Black needs to connect the dragon back. But before connecting, I want to see how White responds to this.

W98 MrTenuki: Go ahead and take the two stones in gote.

B99 fractic: Black has to connect.

W100 Herman Hiddema: I'll take this then.

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 81 - 90  

B1 unkx80: Obvious move.

W2 malcolm: let's move out

B3 golearner: Move out? Which way is out?

W4 malcolm: we shall see what we shall see...

B5 kb: Make a feint to the east while attacking in the west

W6 Herman Hiddema: Cut first, think later

B7 Dieter

W8 Ryzours: I think this works. (don't ask me what I mean by that, I'm just a kyu.)

B9 gauss: This seems like the way to punish the tenuki.

W10 MrTenuki: Playing tenuki twice isn't really an option this time.

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 71 - 80  

B1 gauss: I'll jump in. This move looks funny, but it seems better than the alternatives.

W2 ThorAvaTahr: LukeNine45's first part of the plan worked, now for the second part

B3 Bill: The spot on the left side, I think.

W4 Jamal: Blocking is unreasonable, so try for influence and escape into the center.

B5 Andy Pierce: I guess this is the idea here.

W6 Tapir: Don't follow your opponent around...

B7 Dieter

W8 Herman Hiddema: This side is starting to feel weak :)

B9 unkx80: Eat the W2 stone.

W10 malcolm: painful but necessary

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 61 - 70  

B1 fractic: Trying to stay light.

W2 Jamal: This is an important shape point for both sides.

B3 Andy Pierce

W4 Herman Hiddema: Split...

B5 Dieter

W6 ThorAvaTahr: Cut! I dare you ;)

B7 unkx80: I don't dare to. =)

W8 MrTenuki: The forced move.

B9 fractic: Let's keep running out.

W10 LukeNine45: No connection possible, so give black bad shape before stabilizing this stone.

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 51 - 60  

B1 fractic: Letting two groups be enclosed would be too much.

W2 Jamal: Hane from an attachment

B3 Andy Pierce: Only response.

W4 Tapir: The only response I can imagine.

B5 Dieter

W6 Ryzours

B7 kb: This may turn out to be a good move...

W8 Herman Hiddema: Lets tenuki again -> largest open space :)

B9 Bill: My turn to make an overplay. ;)

W10 Tapir

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 41 - 50  

B1 kb: Time for Black to assume the Party Escort "Submission" Position. (For those of you who don't know what I mean, it's a reference to the video game [ext] Portal.

W2 LukeNine45: Force before defending.

B3 fractic: I don't like having to make this move, but I don't see any alternatives.

W4 Jamal: Honte, I hope. Or 1 space to the right?

B5 golearner: Or one to the left?

W6 Herman Hiddema: Prevent sente shape move for black :)

B7 kb: As much as I don't want to play here, my gut is screaming honte.

W8 ThorAvaTahr: Why (oh why...) did I choose the white side?

B9 Dieter

W10 Herman Hiddema: Why (oh why...) is everybody still playing there?

LukeNine45: I almost played W8 at W10 but I couldn't decide and was happy ThorAvaTahr beat me to it... ;)

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 31 - 40  

B1 Andy Pierce: Time to help black+circle.

W2 LukeNine45: Try to settle quickly. (This move under the theory that a bad move is better than no move at all...)

B3 kb.

W4 Jamal: Keep sente

B5 fractic: Defending the weakness.

W6 Ryzours It'd be so nice if white could connect his two weak groups.

B7 unkx80: The game has come to a critical juncture, so I think Black must be prepared to make some risky moves. This move is in preparation for a battle ahead.

W8 Jamal:

B9 Andy Pierce: This isn't the move I had originally envisaged for black on this side, but I think this is a reasonable compromise between pressuring white (to keep sente) and removing bad aji for black.

W10 ThorAvaTahr: Can these strong black stones help white get stronger in sente?

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 21 - 30  

B1 fractic: I think the lower right is the most urgent area. The black stone at the top is still light.

W2 tapir: White needs a base.

B3 Andy Pierce

W4 tapir: Might be not good... but after 22 somehow natural.

B5 Dieter

W6 Herman Hiddema

B7 unkx80: Footsweep.

W8 LukeNine45: Get out, try not to help black. Could some DDKs make a play for black? White is losing! ;)

B9 fractic: Trying to keep the pressure up.

W10 Ryzours: White gets out, no need to worry, the situation is not that bad (but I think it is bad, alright).

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 11 - 20  

B1 fractic: Can't let the corner get surrounded.

W2 Ryzours trying to keep the two black stones somewhat separated, I hope it won't start something ugly.

B3 Andy Pierce Try to make W12 look inefficient or misplaced.

W4 Jamal Trying to decide what is bigger, the corner or the top

B5 fractic: The natural move.

W6 LukeNine45: Extend from a cross-cut, try to maintain a relationship with W12. (No clue how close to joseki this is.)

B7 kb: Natural.

W8 Herman Hiddema: Natural ;-)

B9 kb: Not much point in waiting for someone else to do this :)

W10 Herman Hiddema: Well, this is rather obvious too, might as well play it and make a new board :)

Ongoing Game 4 - Moves 1 - 10  

B1 kb: I flipped a coin between the star point and komoku, and well, here's what turned up.

W2 Herman Hiddema: I like W2 after B1 :)

B3 fractic: I prefer the lower right over the lower left.

W4 Ryzours : I like sansan when playing white.

B5 Andy Pierce: Let's honor Honinbo Shuei with B5.

W6 Tapir: In doubt, tenuki. W6

B7 kb: Good balance with B7.

W8 PurpleHaze: High because the other white stones are low.

B9 Dieter: Difficult to discuss a move without giving away what's coming. So I'll suffice to say I have my reasons for this move. And if W6 is wrong, then that statement deserves a page on its own here.

W10 Jamal: Time to escape and now black can play something on the top right corner

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