2005 Goodwill Rengo

    Keywords: Ongoing game

Make your move in the 2005 Goodwill Rengo, to celebrate peace and ecology, both in our planet Earth and in our minds!

Make your play on main board and circle it (unmarking the previous play). Also, make your play on the numbered board, and leave a brief note identifying yourself and your play. Every 10 moves we have to start a new numbered board.

For how it's done, see Ongoing Game. For a discussion of the game see 2005 Goodwill Rengo/Discussion. Note: the discussion contains "spoilers" regarding the moves already played...read at your own risk ;)

Remember in Rengo you do not play two moves in a row

DJ: Here follows a list of players in order of appearance (if you are a new contendant please add your name):

Black Crows          White Herons          Magpies
DJ                   IanDavis              Hikaru79
El Draco Reuven jantiff
Mef Alex Weldon Velobici
JoelR crux Jakub
PurpleHaze Arno Quicksilvre
Dieter Dnerra Shaydwyrm
Bill jwaytogo kokiri
minue622 BobMcGuigan Hicham
revo Gul

As you can see, there are players (the Magpies) that have made moves in both teams... What shall we do with these insider traders??!? :-)

Quicksilvre: Aw man, I wasn't even paying attention to who I was playing for. My fault.

Hikaru79: Hey, it's like Zen Go! There's nothing wrong with playing for both sides, is there? After all, it is a GOODWILL rengo. ;)

minue622 : I have added my name right now. So, I can take a part in playing this rengo game from now? And...can I add my move on new go-ban?

dnerra: Sure, just go ahead!

Current board

Last move marked  
Captured stones and komi (6.5)  

The game so far.

Moves 141-150  

Hicham:B1, Seems pretty sente to me...

IanDavis: W2, for death awaits you all with nasty big pointy teeth

DJ B3: Seems to me Black is way behind... Let's close the game with a flourish.
The swap in the LR corner was too costly: it is true that there was a lot of aji, but maybe White had too easy a life. Why don't we analyse the position in the Discussion?

jwaytogo W4: Ever-faithful to the Herons, I like this move as it has some rather nice follow-ups, and it should swallow the stone played earlier.

JoelR: B5, defending the cut

dnerra: W6. (I was afraid of Black a.)

DJ: B3 wasn't expecting to connect to the right, but was played bearing in mind the proverb Make A Feint To The East While Attacking In The West: I tried the (vain) hope to break in from the left using it as a bait. Now that dnerra has closed the last door, I think Black should just resign.

dnerra: How about the following: everybody counts, and posts his result on a separate page (before looking at other people's answers). Then we take the median of all answers as komi, and split the teams so that everybody who sees White more ahead than the median gets to play white. Should be a great endgame exercise!

Dieter: counts it W+30.5 (with komi)

kokiri: has W+25 (with komi, ignoring the 1/2)

Rich: counts W+27 (+0.5 to persuade me).

Moves 131-140  

revo: B1 thou shall not live

kokiri: W2 - reading? who needs reading?

DJ: Ah, the beauty of rengo! I am afraid stubborn play led Black to a loss... Trying to limit the damage.

dnerra: W4, Completing the nice work of my team mates.

kokiri B5 ouch!

crux W6, we're winning, aren't we?

Dieter: B7

dnerra: W8 - W10 (please revert if you don't agree with B9.)

Dieter: I agree with B9 but not with the precedent of playing three moves in a row. What is obvious to you may not be for other players, be they weaker or stronger.

Moves 121-130, 9 at 4  

minue622: B1. Time to kill.

Shaydwyrm: W2, I say it lives.

Mef: B3, I don't think it lives, but go ahead and prove me wrong...

Shaydwyrm: W4, I can't resist playing another move, seeing as I haven't had a chance to join in in a while. After this I'll let others play the rest out...

Mef: B5, I too usually don't like to play 2 moves in a row, but since this response is automatic (any other move and white lives), I'll play it..

(Hicham): W6, Following the chosen path

Dieter: B7 not aji keshi

LukeNine45: W8, I guess white can live here after all.

Mef: B9, hope I didn't misread this....

Rich: W10 In for a penny...

Moves 111-120  

Dieter: B1. Somehow I'm getting all the moves 1 mod 10.

IanDavis: W2. You are number 6

revo: B3. Try to save the lone stone (15k, don't beat me if you hate that move :))

dnerra: W4 -- pop quiz part 2.

Velobici: B5 -- quiz answer ?

Gul: W6 -- Long live the empty triangles.

Dieter B7

kokiri W8 - what's going on?

JoelR B9 - gotta be done

dnerra W10

Moves 101-110  

DJ B1: Ok, let's slow down and recover from the frenziness. I'm gettin older and my heart seems weaker... Making shape?

kokiri W2: sooner or later white's gonna have to make some territory.

PurpleHaze: B3, reducing said territory.

dnerra: W4. Slow but I don't want to leave cutting aji around here.

JoelR: B5. A third White move here would give them too good shape.

crux: W6. Don't want Black to have this point.

Velobici: B7. Draw back once. Gain liberties.

IanDavis : W8 . We're on a road to nowhere

JoelR: B9. End of the road.

kokiri W10 - boring!

Moves 91-100  

Dieter: B1

dnerra: W2

Velobici: B3. Make eyes. End ko that never really got started.

Gul: W4 Claiming some territory to the left

Mef: B5, splits up the left side...I hope...

Rich: W6 - I've read and read, hope this is OK...

JoelR: B7 - Define "okay"...

Gul: W8 - Some things die

kokiri - B9 give me liberty, or give me death...

dnerra: W10 Let me slow-down the attack a little before my teammates get overboard with...

Moves 81-90  

kokiri: B1...things are getting interesting...

LukeNine45: W2. Only move, I think...

minue622: B3. Time to save, I think...

Velobici: W4. Extend from an important stone.

JoelR: B5. I feel there's aji on the left (and I don't know how to continue on top).

dnerra: W6. Emergency measure for the white stone, or attack on the top left? Black crows, you decide...

Dieter: B7 removing the aji of the cut.

Gul: W8 giving white some kind of base

Bill: B9. Banzai!

crux: W10. Uh-oh. (Did that last black stone move?)

Moves 71-80  

Dieter: B1

kokiri: W2

minue622: B3

dnerra: W4. Rengo ko threat so I don't mess up anything :)

minue622: Althogh seems to be a mad move, I believe this B5 is the only move to make a chance of winning.

DJ: Mmmh... I have the feeling that Black shouldn't have allowed W4 and, most of all, that he should have answered it... Now poor little Black group is in for a thorough harassement. It is true that Black can as well harass White's TL corner, still I am uneasy with such furikawari's...

IanDavis: W6 maybe I should try playing for Black

Dieter: B7 - stay where you are #:-7

dnerra: W8. Hope this time I really got an easy one :)

DJ B9: As the Pelvis sang: - One for the aji...
Mamma mia, isn't all this a bit too freaking??!?

Bob McGuigan: W10

Moves 61-70  

Shaydwyrm: B1, creates some miai (I think...)

dnerra: W2. Peep where you cannot cut.

minue622: B3. Empty triangle. I love it. By the way, White's move 50 was really good, I think.

IanDavis: W4 the squirrels are coming

JoelR: B5 No B 2 bombers here!

kokiri W6, swashbuckling tenuki, kikashi, or just plain rubbish?

Bill: B7. Uh-oh!

dnerra: W8.

Joelr: B9, faithful to B7.

Velobici: W10: ;)

Moves 51-60  

DJ B1: Moyo? What Moyo??!? Do you mean the White one on top?
I think playing a would be submissive, starting a fight around bcould be dangerous (you never know, what if White gets even stronger toward the top? Our poor little black group on the TL could suffer...).
So I tenuki and play a move that could help ditto group and move into the White Sea... Hoping for the best ;-)

Velobici: W2: Block.

JoelR: B3. White's move makes the upper left scary. Let's see how this shakes out.

jantiff: W4 attacks and builds the top.

minue622: B5: Hoping to make base in corner. By the way, I wanted to play in white's position, but nobody seems to continue to play black's move. I can't wait anymore.

crux: W6: Adventure, excitement, and Really Wild Things.

JoelR: B7. not to get shut in.

Bill: W8. Obvious. (Not really switching sides. ;-))

kokiri: B9 - move along now - nothing to see here...

jantiff: W10 is the only move.

Moves 41-50  

Velobici: B1 connect.

Shaydwyrm: W2, my best guess for a good extension, channeling Yilun Yang's advice.

Bill: B3. Banzai!

crux: W4. Bonsai!

jantiff: B5, can't allow ponnuki.

IanDavis: W6 Eugh

JoelR: B7 White's forcing moves hurt least this way.

dnerra: W8. Let's test them.

Bill: B9. Uh-oh!

jwaytogo: W10. Anti-moyo paratrooper.

Moves 31-40  

Mef: B1, Moving things along while some of us still have the old year...

Shaydwyrm: W2 - passing time until I can leave work and celebrate...

Jakub: B3, A joseki move.

IanDavis: W4, If black is going to play Joseki then I will too

PurpleHaze: B5, more joseki.

Shaydwyrm: W6, only move.

PurpleHaze: B7, still more joseki.

dnerra: W8. Don't want to start a fight here.

Shaydwyrm: B9, I'm ok with that.

Bob McGuigan: W10.

Moves 21 to 30  

PurpleHaze: B1, gaining liberties, forced I believe.

W2 captures. (This was played by, but not signed, and only played in the top board, not the number board.)

JoelR: B3. I don't think Black lives on the right without this capture.

Arno: W4. Harass the two black stones in the corner (while extending our base), now that we have a strong ponnuki down the side.

Dieter: B5. Brrrr. To live small, better than being chased over the board...

Jakub: W6. Either making or preventing shimari is always big, and looking at the whole board, approaching here seems wiser than enclosing the northwest corner. Looking over the most common joseki, a high approach seems preferable.

PurpleHaze: B7, this pincer seems the right direction.

kokiri - W8, I'm not feeling very imaginative today, but it is my birthday.

JoelR: B9. Happy birthday. Is it still 2004 where you are?

Hikaru79: W10. Still a few hours of 2004 left over here ^_^

Moves 11 to 20  

Mef: B1, Natural response? (Natural to me at least)

Jakub: W2, the joseki move. But Black can get a nice framework now.

Quicksilvre: B3, building said moyo.

Jakub: W4, pushing through the opening. Black 13 seems slack, better at White 14

Quicksilvre: B5, That's one good looking empty triangle :)

Jakub: W6, With a lovely cutting point.

JoelR: B7, only a few more days of noggy goodness before the government takes it all away.

Velobici: W8, does White have a prayer? Strengthen the weakest White stone.

JoelR: B9, there will be some sort of trade here. An exchange of gifts, perhaps?

Jakub: W10, strengthening the two white stones while threatening the black with atari. Ready to make concessions near B9

Moves 1 to 10  

DJ: B1, in the wake of tradition.

IanDavis: W2, in the name of overplay.

Hikaru79: B3, for convention :)

Reuven: W4, "no particular reason" ;)

El Draco: B5, in the name of peace :)

Alex Weldon: W6, looking back to a simpler time

Hikaru79: B7, in the spirit of co-operation.

IanDavis: W8 striking a blow for liberty

Velobici: B9 combination pincer / extension.

Quicksilvre: W10 Reaching upward. In the spirit of beginners! Probably a bad move.

2005 Goodwill Rengo last edited by RichLancashire on January 24, 2005 - 12:31
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