Domin Go Ongoing Game

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This will be a game of DominGo on a 13x13 board. Please use the usual OngoingGame conventions of numbering your moves and starting a new board every ten moves. I hope for some interesting Kibitz here. To make a move, just add two orthogonally adjacent stones, and number both (with the same, appropriate move number of course). Refer to DominGo for any questions about rules or DominGo life and death.

Game of DominGo  

DominGo (move 11-20)  

WaveyD: B1 - defend?

PurpleHaze: W2 - attack!

WaveyD: B3 - defend again?

Alex Weldon: W4 - Assuming normal Go logic applies at all, separating this stone is a good idea...

IanDavis: B5 A full triangle can't be that bad

Alex Weldon: W6 - ...except, B5 seems a bit like the domingo equivalent of squeezing out the toothpaste.

Sec: B7 - try to contain the invasion loosely

PurpleHaze: W8 - taking the corner.

bloudek: B9 - slicing into the side..

DominGo (move 1-10)  

PurpleHaze: W10, I'll cut when I can

WaveyD: B9 - An attempt to stop white taking the corner

KarlKnechtel: W8 - Two corners each.

ChessWhiz: B7 - Taking the top-left corner. Let's keep the game going!!

KarlKnechtel: W6 - it looks invadable enough. I'll do it in a 'peaceful' way - this contact looks aggressive, but actually it offers both circled points as potential double-eyes for both players. I like the idea of black starting with a single move actually; it has the benefit of suggesting a default komi of 0 (+/- .5) which scales to any board size effortlessly. ;)

ChessWhiz: B5 - Taking another corner for black.

JamesA: W4 - (Fill this space with your comment, James.)

KarlKnechtel: B3 - I'll give it a shot. It seems that almost any move that gives EyePotential for your own group also gives it to any opponent's group adjacent to your play...

ChessWhiz: W2 - I wonder what the actual joseki is... :-P

B1 - To reduce black's advantage in going first, he is only allowed to play one stone on his first move.

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