Wu Ren Go 2

    Keywords: Variant, Ongoing game

If you like to join, you are very welcome! Please read the Rules and then enter your name in one of the teams. Do you have questions or remarks? Post them at the discussion page. After the game, we will review.

Game is completed. White wins by resignation.

The SGF of the game is [ext] here.


Moves 161 to 162  

B161 Bass: Poke out the white center potential

W162 unkx80: Sorry for the long delay in making this move.

B163 Bass: We resign. Thank you for the game.

Six months of fun. [ext] http://imgur.com/f0LfM.jpg

unkx80: Thank you for the game too. While I would like to play the game to the end, I sense lack of interest on both sides, so it is good to end the game now. Let me recall the earlier parts of the game, and it is time to review.

emeraldemon: Thanks to everyone on both sides, especially the captains. This was a fun and close game, and I'm looking forward to discussing it.

Chew: Thanks! This was quite a bit of fun, and probably good practice reading.

Antone? I stopped making suggestions when it became clear to me that I was completely out of my depth in this game, but it's been a great show just to watch! Kudos to everyone.

Chew: Haha, I never let details like that stop me =)

kanzenryu: Thanks indeed to everybody! This WuRenGo format is great fun and an excellent tool for teaching. I learnt to count a position for the first time, have a much better idea about what's going on in a Ko fight, and a bit about how to estimate and rank endgame moves. Thanks especially to those stronger players with their kind and illuminating comments. After two games on the losing team I'm looking forward to starting a new game!

sh: Thanks for this cool game. Would it be possible to make a final analysis of the game? With my limited knowledge I counted that white is ahead by about 10 points, right?

Moves 151 to 160  

B151 JoazBanbeck: You gotta learn colloquial English. We meant 'doomed'.

W152 Herman: And 'doomed' is colloquial English for? (Captured B51 stone at circle)

B153 Bass: "Gets killed in the end". Or were you planning to take gote here?

W154 unkx80: No.

B155 Bass: Connect and pre-empt Q7

W156 unkx80: Take reverse sente.

B157 Bass: Got the sente, try to keep it.

W158 Herman: Keep it, we don't want it :)

B159 Bass: kthx.

W160 unkx80: I have always considered this hane-connect as yours, so there you go. =)

What was happening on the left? [ext] http://imgur.com/oY113.jpg

Moves 141 to 150  

B141 Bass: We used a move to defend at F18, so we must use a stone to defend here as well.

W142 Herman After getting to play first at the bottom, the left and the top, I think it's time to play first on the right :-)

B143 Bass: I think you must mean "be the first to play on the right side after the 110-111 exchange destroyed all the potential there" :-)

W144 unkx80: Well, I think there's no potential here for you either.

B145 Bass: I agree. There's only so much we could do with our eyeless center group when you had strong groups on every side.

W146 Herman: Lets keep it eyeless, then :)

B147 Bass: Make territory while connecting.

W148 Herman: Big. Sente. What more could we want.

B149 Bass: Hey! That move was forestalled!

W150 Herman: Forestalled can mean "prevented" or "anticipated", which did you mean? :)

For it has stalled? [ext] http://imgur.com/Zjwxe.jpg

Moves 131 to 140  

B131 Bass: Force before even thinking about connecting.

W132 unkx80: Forced.

B133 Bass: Probe the white intentions

W134 Herman: Show intentions

B135 Bass: Those intentions are ok, we'll just connect.

W136 Herman: Territory. It's what it's all about :)

B137 Bass: Agreed. We'll sheepishly defend ours.

W138 Herman: You take the left, we take the right. Fair's fair, eh?

B139 Bass: [ext] Fair enough.

W140 unkx80: Just finishing the sequence started by W138.

No way, Yose! [ext] http://imgur.com/yfj3P.jpg

Moves 121 to 130  

B121 Bass: Atari is the most sophisticated play known to man.

W122 unkx80: I agree. =)

B123 Bass: What about atari-atari then?

W124 Herman: Captured black stone at circle

B125 Bass: The second line is the line of victory!

W126 unkx80: Back to business as usual.

B127 Bass: Use the force to forestall E1.

W128 Herman: E1 was never a good move ;-)

B129 Bass: A white stone here would be really annoying.

W130 unkx80: I don't know how annoying is this move? =)

Battle of the annoying moves [ext] http://imgur.com/aysCx.jpg

Moves 111 to 120  

B111 Bass: Thanks for asking, our group is feeling better by the minute. How's your right side potential doing?

W112 unkx80: I guess this is the biggest area on the board.

B113 Bass: ditto.

W114 Herman: tritto.

B115 Bass: This was a suggestion for B113 too, so we aren't complaining.

W116 unkx80: Continue to play large moves.

B117 Bass: Block

B118 unkx80: Diagonal attachment.

B119 Bass: Hmm. You placed a white stone though.

W120 unkx80: Let's see.

After 120 [ext] http://imgur.com/XcZa3.jpg

Moves 101 to 110  

B101 jvloenen: At least we can try.

W102 Herman: We'll just connect these here :)

B103 jvloenen: I'm a precog: I know what you will do next...

W104 Herman: I'm predictable :)

B105 Bass: I'm preposterous.

W106 Herman: I'm lapicidal...

B107 Bass: Even though I did create the reindeer problem, I am not an actual Lapp, so we should be safe.

W108 unkx80: Connect.

B109 Bass: Not a bad idea at all! Or maybe we get an eye in sente?

W110 Herman: How's your center group feeling?

After 110 moves [ext] http://imgur.com/GiLvZ.jpg

Moves 91 to 100  

B91 jvloenen: Ok, so take the corner.

W92 unkx80: Arigato gozaimasu.

B93 jvloenen: Go on, we want you to take the corner!

W94 unkx80: Sure, no problem.

B95 jvloenen: One liberty less. Don't say we didn't warn you.

W96 unkx80: Thanks for the warning. =)

B97 Joaz Banbeck: The pack is on the prowl.

W98 Herman: Even more stones to capture :-)

B99 jvloenen: We gave you the corner. Now we can have these 9 stones in return?

W100 unkx80: You think you can?

A telegram from the Queen [ext] http://imgur.com/xa8RM.jpg

Moves 81 to 90  

B81 Bass: Remember how W16 could have been on this side?

W82 Herman: Yes. Luckily, we played the descent :)

B83 Bass: Mm, definitely [ext] worth playing! I wonder which computer game this peep should be linked to..

W84 Herman: I am a moron, therefore I guess I'll have to follow the proverb

B85 Bass: Turning opponent's potential territory into our own is worth double.

W86 unkx80: Black decided to tenuki on the right side. Let's see how black will answer this move.

B87 Bass: Make shape in the center while threatening to connect.

W88 unkx80: Peep.

B89 IanDavis: Connect.

W90 unkx80: Take the corner.

After W90 [ext] http://imgur.com/pwiie.jpg

Moves 71 to 80  

B71 JoazBanbeck: Please force us to make more territory.

W72 unkx80: Continue bumping around into the new year.

B73 Bass: Harvest the [ext] crop

W74 unkx80: [ext] Atari!

B75 Bass: [ext] Atari - connect

W76 unkx80: To quote that cliche again: cut first, think later.

B77 Bass: Well, it's later now, but maybe you won't need to think very hard :-)

W78 unkx80: Extend from atari. =)

B79 jvloenen: We just go on.

W80 Herman: then so will we :)

Welcome to the 80s [ext] http://imgur.com/g0JCm.jpg

Moves 61 to 70  

B61 Bass: If only every forcing move would force us into shapes like this.

W62 unkx80: We are happy to get a table shape as well. Does this come with chairs? =)

B63 Bass: That's a very nice table indeed! We want one too, but since we cannot make our own right now, can we have yours?

W64 unkx80: You are welcome to enjoy your dinner at our table, but I don't think the table itself is edible.

B65 IanDavis: Then we shall eat you.

W66 unkx80: Bump! Eat what?

B67 Bass: After a couple of days of Christmas feasting, I don't want eat anything anymore..

W68 unkx80: Back to business as usual.

B69 Bass: No, you will not.

W70 unkx80: More bumping around.

Welcome to the 70's... [ext] http://imgur.com/RaGr6.jpg

Moves 51 to 60  

B51 Bass: Let's see about this side then.

W52 Herman: Connect while attacking

B53 Bass: Not thoroughly impressed by the suggested attack's power, we take the big point instead.

W54 unkx80: Crawl along.

B55 Bass: Move ahead, we don't want to be the ones putting the cart in front of the horse.

W56 unkx80: Reduction time.

B57 Bass: Make a road block on W56's way home.

W58 unkx80: Time to play [ext] escape artist.

B59 Bass: We prefer [ext] dungeon keeper

W60 unkx80: Since Black wants to keep us in, we shall [ext] dig deeper in.

If only I had a cool comment while posting this [ext] http://imgur.com/ZzmP0.jpg

Moves 41 to 50  

B41 Bass: Answer tsuke with hane

W42 Herman: Answer hane with hane

B43 jvloenen: Do you want to connect to the left side?

W44 Herman: Yes, please :)

B45 Bass: Ok, go right ahead. Surely you won't mind if we keep this small stone as a souvenir?

W46 Herman: Not at all, not at all :-)

B47 Bass: Om nom nom.

W48 unkx80: Enjoy your meal. =)

B49 (at white+circle) Bass Thank you, it was very tasty. Sorry we couldn't leave anything but cutting points for you as leftovers.

W50 Herman: No problem, nothing wrong with a few cutting points :)

The half century [ext] http://imgur.com/FCLeY.jpg

  • Andy: Nice image, but the shadows look screwy. The shadow boundaries are sharp from what look like four point sources, but normal lighting doesn't come from point sources and diffraction fuzzes light that grazes edges. Maybe some shadow blending would help? The sharp-shadowed image kind of hurts to look at for some reason. :P
  • ThorAvaTahr: For quibling purposes, the stones are placed to perfectly, possibly you can give it a much more natural look by giving each stone a slight aberation (stone size correct?), see Equipment dimension (3 paragraph). Off course, this is only a side matter, otherwise good work! These images are a nice contribution to this page!
Moves 31 to 40  

B31 Bass: No unfinished josekis on my watch. Also, gets a perfect position at the upper side.

W32 Herman: Cannot ignore B31

B33 Bass: Prevent white's extension on the top

W34 unkx80: Reduce the top side.

B35 Bass: Answer the cap with keima.

W36 Herman: Supporting W34 while reducing further

B37 Bass: Cannot let white build eye shape here

W38 Herman: Support the center stones

B39 Bass: That's a nice group you have there. We'd hate to see anything bad happen to it.

W40 Herman: Touching strong stones :)

The big 40 [ext] http://imgur.com/jOM3O.jpg

Moves 21 to 30  

B21 jvloenen: Build up the upper right corner.

W22 Herman: Only move.

B23 jvloenen: Extend.

W24 Herman: jump-attach

B25 jvloenen: push through

W26 unkx80: Atari. =)

B27 jvloenen: Where?

W28 Herman: Only move, again :)

B29 Bass: Always finish up your joseki :-)

W30 unkx80: Continue with the joseki. =)

That's 30... [ext] http://imgur.com/9nUL2.jpg

Moves 11 to 20  

B11 jvloenen: Defend and build (tapir: Please read and comment on 44PointLowApproachCap) [<-- an amateur joseki it says. As we're all amateurs it should be fine ;-)]

W12 Herman: Invade at 3-3 (see also: BQM 455).

B13 jvloenen: The only move.

W14 Herman: only move

B15 Bass: Always finish up your joseki.

W16 Herman: Protect against the cut and take the corner

B17 jvloenen: Finish our moyo

W18 Herman: High shimari for influence

B19 jvloenen: The biggest area.

W20 unkx80: Looks like the biggest move to me.

After 20 [ext] http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/9460/202i.jpg

Moves 1 to 10  

B1 IanDavis: Onegaishimasu

W2 Herman: Have a lot of fun, everyone!

B3 IanDavis: May as well keep things moving

W4 Herman: We'll add a 3-5 point to the equation...

B5 IanDavis: looks so pretty

W6 Herman: We'll take the corner then

B7 jvloenen: The only move.

W8 Herman: Taking the corner

B9 jvloenen: Three-space extension from a two-stone wall.

W10 unkx80: Approach the lower-right corner.

After 10 moves [ext] http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/9817/102k.jpg

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