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    Keywords: Variant, Ongoing game

Go Back is an exercise/experiment in identifying losing moves and perfect play. It works like this:

  • A normal game is begun.
  • When a bad previous move is identified, the game is reverted to before it and played differently.
  • The meta-game only ends with apathy (or the determination of komi - not).

Before we start a game here, a few things need to be decided:

  • ruleset
  • who's playing
  • how to decide moves
  • when to comment on moves

These are my suggestions (respectively):

  • Use NZ rules with a two-pass ending and the second-to-last passing player begins resumed play (not with a pass) after a dead stones dispute.
  • To speed things up, anyone may play. Don't hesitate just because no one may have made a move for a while.
  • Just do it, or collaborate if you wish. There is no need for separate pages for black and white.
  • If nothing else, justify an undo.

Please resolve disputes; no edit/undo wars. And keep previous variations for the record.

Discuss here.

Game 1

[ext] Game 2

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