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This is a list of computer programs that play go. These are distinct from Go Clients, which allow humans to play with other humans via a go server. For other types of programs and software that don't play, see Go Programs. A computer program playing online is called a "bot" or "gobot".

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Current programs - professional strength

Note that versions available for sale are typically older and weaker than the program's current state.

  • AlphaGo -- (unreleased) -- First program to beat a professional in an even game on 19x19.
  • AQ -- (open source) -- Professional level Tensor trained bot for Linux and Windows.
  • BensonDarr (Phoenix Go) -- (open source) -- Very strong AI playing on Fox; developed by Tencent based on the AlphaGo Zero paper.
  • CGI -- (unreleased) -- Reached 10-dan on Foxwq server.
  • CrazyStone -- (Windows or iOS, commercial) -- 2007 Computer Olympiad runner-up, 2013 Computer Go UEC Cup. In 2018 briefly topped the CGOS ratings list. [ext] Crazy Sensei is its browser-based version. Estimated 5d skill level for Pro version with analysis capability.
  • DolBaram -- (unreleased) -- Written by Korean programmer Lim Jaebum (whose program Baduki competed in the FOST cup in 1998)
  • ELF OpenGo -- (open source) -- Very strong AI made by Facebook. The neural net itself can be converted to run on the Leela Zero engine. Can be integrated with computer software Lizzie or run on iOS program A Master of Go (commerical)
  • FineArt -- (unreleased) -- Professional level program created by the Chinese company Tencent in 2016. Dec 2017 AI Ryusei champion.
  • Golaxy -- (Electronic physical goban, commercial) Strong Chinese program available through kibabaduk@naver.com. The interface supports English and the goban is able to beat pros giving them a handicap. It lights up the intersection on which to play the AI's stone. Also available to play on the Online Go Server occasionally (weaker?), as well as commercially through the website 19x19.com in China. Supports variable komi.
  • KataGo -- (Windows, Linux) Strong bot capable of playing handicap games.
  • Leela Zero -- (Windows, open source, can compile for Mac and Linux) -- Community-based deep learning project replicating ideas of AlphaGo Zero.
  • Master of Go -- (iOS, commercial) -- Powerful interface for deploying superhuman strength go neural networks with Leela Zero and ELF OpenGo weights included.
  • Zen (go program) -- (Windows, commercial) -- 2009-2013 Computer Olympiad champion, 2011-2014 Computer Go UEC Cup champion, also known as DeepZen?.

Current programs - other

Programs of Historic Interest

Other programs

Go Playing Programs, playing on go servers:

Many different programs play on KGS on a constant basis. See KGSBots for a list of bots playing there. Of course, bots can also be found on other servers such as DGS or OGS.

GUIs for Go-playing programs

These programs can be used as graphical front-end to any Go engine, that supports GTP and/or GMP. Some of them have other features, like IGS/NNGS-client or SGF-viewer and -editor, too:

  • [ext] Red Carpet Goban : 3D graphics front-end for GNU Go (and other GTP engines).
  • GoGui : 2D graphics front-end. It has features useful to Go program developers.
  • Sabaki : 2D graphics front-end and SGF editor with GTP support.
  • q5go : 2D graphics front-end.
  • KaTrain : 2D graphics front-end for KataGo with adjustable strength settings from 18 kyu to >9p.
  • Drago : Windows editor/replayer interfaced with GTP engines.
  • Sente Goban : An OS X editor and client that includes GNU Go.
  • SmartGo : Supports GTP.

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