Computer Go UEC Cup

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Computer Go UEC Cup (UEC杯コンピュータ囲碁大会) is an annual tournament for computer go programs held at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan since 2007. Until AlphaGo it was the closest thing to a world computer Go championship, consistently drawing the top programs from around the world. In the modern times top go AI competitions are held in China.

Typically the tournament consists of preliminaries and finals. Preliminaries use Swiss, and finals use knockout system of 16 participants.

The winner in 2013-2017 competitions also played exhibition games against a top professional in the event called Denseisen (電聖戦).

In 2017 the event was discontinued. It was succeeded by AI Ryusei 2017 and 2018. In 2019 UEC Cup was continued.

N Year 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Website
14 2022 SymplectGo? KataGo WUWEIGO DaPangGo? [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
13 2021 YILEGO WuWeiGo? eg VisionGo? [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
12 2020 VisionGo? RankaGo? KataGo DaPangGo? [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
11 2019 Golaxy Globis-AQZ BaduGI Natsukaze [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
10 2017 Fine Art Deep Zen Go Rayn? AQ [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
9 2016 Zen darkforest Crazy Stone Aya [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
8 2015 Crazy Stone DolBaram Aya Nomitan [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
7 2014 Zen Crazy Stone Aya HiraBot [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
6 2013 Crazy Stone Zen Aya Pachi [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
5 2011 Zen Erica Aya Pachi [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
4 2010 Fuego Zen Erica Aya [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
3 2009 KCC Igo Katsunari Zen Shikousakugo [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
2 2008 Crazy Stone Fudo Go Many Faces of Go Katsunari [ext] Jap [ext] Eng
1 2007 Crazy Stone Katsunari MoGo Aya [ext] Jap [ext] Eng

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