Hactar Go

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Hactar Go is go program for Android. Currently it is available from [ext] Google Play.

Somewhat limited [ext] Free version (server provided services as subscriptions) is also available. This is very good for beginners.

Hactar Go
Author: Lauri Paatero
License: proprietary
Price: 3 / free (2021-09-19)
Category: player, editor, problems trainer, search database
Operating system: Android
Reads format(s): SGF NGF UGI GIB
Writes format(s): SGF
Languages: English, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Catalan, Polish, Russian, French, Chinese (Traditional), Korea
Development status: Active development
Homepage: [ext] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.gowrite
Strongest play: Pro (2022-09-07)
Infos last checked:

Currently Hactar Go is localized to English, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Catalan, Polish, Russian, French, Chinese (Traditional) and Korea. If you want to have your own language, please [ext] create one!

Hactar does multiple things:


  • Play go in 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19 boards. (Lite 9x9 games)
  • About 5 dan at 9x9 and 3dan in 19x19 (pachi -based engine)
  • Pro -level engine at 19x19 as additional subscription service (or fixed-time purchase). Engine is based on katago.
  • Play capture go, and capture 3 stones (and capture 5 unlocked later when all capture 3 levels are won).
  • Continue game after interruption.
  • Review played games.

Ai Analysis

  • Ai Analysis part of Sgf editor
  • Analysis with 40-block katago running in cloud ([ext] https://gowrite.net/blog/hactar-go-analysis/).
  • Shows winning % and point difference over whole game.
  • For next move shows points lost and iterations analyzed.
  • Selecting a next move position shows best continuation.
  • Maximum analysis iterations depend a lot on version (lite/full) and subscriptions.


  • Over 400 problems, including correct answer and multiple wrong variations.
  • Random color and rotation for problems.
  • Easily add own tsumego collections, supports all common formats (VW, TR, BM, RIGHT&WRONG). Just few touches to download over 400 gogameguru.com problems!
  • Optionally disable color randomization and rotation.
  • Widget to show current problem in homescreen.

Search games

  • List most recent professional games.
  • Search games based on position or player.
  • Search games stored in device.
  • Search games from internet. Search covers over 90000 pro games and over 110000 amateur games. (Very small database in lite)

Sgf Viewer / editor

  • View and edit SGF files. Opens files directly from browser.
  • Multiple game list formats. Preview files when opening.
  • View UGI and GIB formats and convert them to SGF.
  • Supports all normal SGF features.
  • Score estimator to estimate / count score.

Most recent Hactar version works on Android 7.1 and later. Does not contain add, does not collect private information.

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