Hactar Go

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Hactar Go
Author: Lauri Paatero
License: proprietary
Price: 3 (2021-09-19)
Category: player, editor, problems trainer, search database
Operating system: Android
Reads format(s): SGF NGF UGI GIB
Writes format(s): SGF
Languages: English, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Catalan, Polish, Russian, French, Chinese (Traditional), Korea
Development status: Active development
Homepage: [ext] https://gowrite.net/hactar/
Strongest play: Pro (2022-09-07)
Infos last checked:

Hactar Go is an application for Android.

A 'Lite' version which is free is also available.

"Differences between Hactar Go full version and Hactar Go Lite:
1. The full version has a go opponent for 13x13 and 19x19 boards (subscription in Lite).
2. The full version has internet game search (subscription in Lite).
3. The full version offers more accurate AI analysis. Both versions offer even more accurate AI as subscription."

"Hactar Go works fully on Android 7.1 and later phones and tablets."

Hactar Go features:


  • Play go in 9x9, 13x13 and 19x19 boards. (Lite 9x9 games)
  • About 5 dan at 9x9 and 3dan in 19x19 (pachi -based engine)
  • Pro -level engine at 19x19 as additional subscription service (or fixed-time purchase). Engine is based on katago.
  • Play capture go, and capture 3 stones (and capture 5 unlocked later when all capture 3 levels are won).
  • Continue game after interruption.
  • Review played games.

Ai Analysis

  • Ai Analysis part of SGF editor
  • Analysis with 40-block katago running in cloud ([ext] https://gowrite.net/blog/hactar-go-analysis/).
  • Shows winning % and point difference over whole game.
  • For next move shows points lost and iterations analyzed.
  • Selecting a next move position shows best continuation.
  • Maximum analysis iterations depend a lot on version (lite/full) and subscriptions.


  • Over 400 problems, including correct answer and multiple wrong variations.
  • Random color and rotation for problems.
  • Easily add own tsumego collections, supports all common formats (VW, TR, BM, RIGHT&WRONG). Just few touches to download over 400 gogameguru.com problems!
  • Optionally disable color randomization and rotation.
  • Widget to show current problem in homescreen.

Search games

  • List most recent professional games.
  • Search games based on position or player.
  • Search games stored in device.
  • Search games from internet. Search covers over 90000 pro games and over 110000 amateur games. (Very small database in lite)

SGF Viewer / editor

  • View and edit SGF files. Opens files directly from browser.
  • Multiple game list formats. Preview files when opening.
  • View UGI and GIB formats and convert them to SGF.
  • Supports all normal SGF features.
  • Score estimator to estimate / count score.

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