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Nio is a go playing program written by Christian Nilsson. It only plays 9x9, hence the name Nio. ( "Nio" in swedish = "Nine" in english ).

Currently very weak.

  • 28 jan 2005 -- Got tired of Nio's bad play and started coding a new version..
  • 12 feb 2005 -- Nio is starting to take shape. Has played a couple of games against gnugo with lots of handicap :)... Still very weak.
  • 20 feb 2005 -- Started writing general patterns. I'm hoping for an increase in strength any day now. ;)
  • 21 feb 2005 -- More hand crafted patterns, plays much better..but still not good. :)
  • 23 feb 2005 -- Tweaks, tweaks, and more tweaks..
  • 26 feb 2005 -- Quick hack to use chinese rules, it will now be able to mark dead stones at the end. It's very possible that it will mark incorrectly..
  • 6 mar 2005 -- Managed to win one game in the compute go tournament on KGS, ending in 6:th position out of 7...
  • 7 mar 2005 -- Nio is put on ice in a futile attempt to finish my masters thesis in computer science ( I'm implementing a GNFS ).
  • 11 nov 2005 -- Well, to be honest, I haven't really done any real work on my thesis.. I guess you could say it's been put on ice too. I have rewritten Nio and right now I'm actually working on Sju ( = Seven ).. Trying to make it play near optimal.. Right now I am very far from that goal. But hey.. I've got time. :)
  • 13 okt 2009 -- Long time no see, there's been a couple of rewrites and appearances under other names such as Haste and Roxbot.. Been on and off for periods, right now I'm on again.. working on Nitton. :)


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