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Hikaru no Go 2 is a video game for the Game Boy Advance that came out in Japan on July 18th, 2002. The story, based on the Hikaru no Go universe, revolves around the player's character's life as a new insei.

The following opponents are available in the game (by difficulty level):

Hidden Characters:

  • 2 : Ryu Ijima
  • 4 : Mitsura Mashiba
  • 6 : Toshinori Honda
  • 8 : Koji Saeki

Official Website : [ext] http://www.konamijpn.com/products/hikaru2/index.html (AnonLinguist: the page seems to have been replaced with a redirect to "try our special new offers at affordable prices")

Preorder at [ext] http://www.videogamedepot.com for US$48 plus shipping. (AnonLinguist: a preorder link may or may not be somewhat dated)

MikeNoGo: I've preordered already, and I'm looking forward to getting the game. I was unable to obtain a copy of HikaruNoGo GBA (1), so I made sure to grab up this one. Look here for a walkthrough and info after it comes out.

AnonLinguist: If you're very brave, as of August 2009, you could get HnG 2 for GBA through the Japanese Amazon, but it is sold by a third party seller, so might not want to ship to you. You'll have to ask. The first version is directly from Amazon, though.

The strength of HnG 2 is HILARIOUS... they've made the non-winning/losing parts more interesting by having special effects, like slicing your opponent's stones in half, Sakura blossoms falling, etc etc. Not only that, but they realised that players got DARN bored waiting for the computer to make it's moves all the time, so they shortened that... sadly, the result is, the enchanced graphics and stuff takes up memory and processing power, plus reduced thinking time... it's actually even WEAKER than HnG 1 for GBA, I think that Akari, who was easiest in HnG 1 is like 2 stones stronger than like Nase, who is the 2nd weakest in HnG 2... either that or I'm getting stronger...

There's storyline and stuff which is ultra cool, but I suggest playing the non-story modes FIRST.. cause that's the way to win special effect stones, to design your own custom stone. You'll be playing a LOT of 9x9 games in story mode, as it's the main way to raise the opinion of Isumi, Waya etc of you. And they're so weak, you NEED to have some custom stones just to distract you from the futility of their struggles and stuff...

MikeNoGo: Survival Mode is fun though, even if a bunch of 9-stone handi, 10-1/2 reverse Komi games against Isumi probably make me weaker. Sometimes in the higher settings, Survival Mode has you play one color games too. Now that is a challenge, and it improves your memory.

Jasonred : The Go Engine of the game itself has a few flaws. It's not too incredibly awful at highest strength, somewhat like the First HnG game, but the problem is, they couldn't really figure out how to make the "weaker" characters weaker without turning them into brainless morons. The problem is you're starting with far from perfect Go playing. Next, it's programmed to make INTENTIONAL MISTAKES. So, very often, you can just watch your opponent play Suicide Go. Where your opponent fills in his eye instead of extending. Scary. Another important flaw, and one that hurts me in Survival Mode, is the game's score counting ability. As far as I can tell, it has no understanding of seki, and it has problems recognizing territory, especially in really large spaces. And its dead stones part is dodgy. All in all, I recommend using the computer's area calculate option... not for your own playing use, but to make sure that the computer will count score properly! I often have to "prove" to the computer that groups are dead/alive before I can end the game. Bleh.

Campaign mode is a little weird. Even for almost beginners to Go who played the first game, they'll find most of the go playing to be too weak for them. (if they could finish the first game, they're too strong for most of this game). On the other hand, while my strength is only around 20k, (enough to MASSACRE most of the game's characters in 5 stone handicap matches), I was finding it difficult to answer quite a few of the (mandatory) problems given by the Go Institute. Also, these problems come in the earlier parts of the game. So, in a sense, the difficulty level drops. Weird.

Again, the computer's reduced thinking time is the Major Bonus. If they're going to lose this badly ANYHOW... at least do it quickly!

ChaoSpectre: Isn't the issue at hand that Go computers haven't really been made to be more than decently good, just yet anyway. How much more is the problem going to be amplified on a weak processor? But whatever... Once they do get the Go Computer problme solved, I hope they do make an RPG or something. Give me something to do aside from random Korean MMOGs...

EversonYoshi Hi People, Who are the secret Characters? I already open some but has a timer in the top and I can`t say all of them but I could open Toya Akira... There is one ? in my game's characters and I think that there are more 2 hide... If anybody knows something about it, please, tell me...

Thank's a lot

PS: Thanks Raymond Kishimoto and Jasonred, now I have all characters of Hikaru no Go 2. I just miss all the stones.. =D

Jasonred : Difficulty levels and players in free mode:

1 : Fukui

2 : Nase

3 : Tsubaki Toshiro - Hairy Godzilla

4 : Tatuhiko Kadowaki, the holder of the student Meijin, Honinbo and Juketsu.

5 : Waya

6 : Ochi

7 : Hikaru

8 : Isumi

9 : Hon Suyon, the Korean insei

10: Akira

Hidden Characters:

2 : Ijima Ryu

4 : 真柴充 (Viciousman: Mashiba, Mitsuru)

6 : Honda

8 : 冴木光二 (Viciousman: Saeki, Koji)

You get new characters by beating them in the campaign, and also by erm... winning at some point in the campaign, I'm not sure which...

AyameTan?: I met Akira by playing lots of games at Ochi's house, but I still can't get Akira to play me for some reason. I've even tried visiting the Japanese Go Association on pro game days.

Soyokaze: This game has gotten me through many long hours of commuting on the train and I have noticed that the campaign mode has different endings, depending on your relationships with the different Insei. I imagine most people will play Hikaru a lot and get the standard ending, but I once went through the game playing Waya a lot in the go salon. I got invited to the study sessions with Morishita-sensei (where you get to play 13x13 matches against Waya, and later against Saeki) every thursday at the Institute and finally had a 'Waya' ending, where You and Waya go to Morishita-sensei's house after the exams are over for a party and a lecture about your futures as professionals. :) I also remember once seeing some character event involving Isumi that I haven't been able to reproduce in later games, so I strongly suspect that there are special endings for each major Insei.

pabloo? Hello, I finished the main story in Hikaru No Go 2, but I can't unlock two characters - Akira and Hon Suyon. How can I do?

Edward: After quite a bit of exploring, here's the ways to get the characters. Basically, you can get all of the characters by playing the Hikaru storyline. Insei aside, to get Hong Su young, you need to have a >60% with hikaru, and just a visit to him after the preliminary exams, before the 1st main exam, and he will invite you to play at the go-salon (note, you start the event with hikaru, not the go salon). For Touya akira, 1st you need to "see" him at Ochi's house on a saturday after Ochi invites you to his house (select his house option, not his face). After which, there will be an event between Ogata Jyudan and Hikaru, talking about the children's go tournament after the prelims, which hikaru will invite you to go. The go tournament will last for 3 days, cant remember the date, but go for the 1st day, and touya will set a day to duel with you, after some coercing by Ogata Jyudan (:p). The match however, will be on the 1st day of the pro-exam, so you will have to change the option of that first sunday of the exam to Akira. Once you unlocked all the characters, you can start getting the character stones in the stones get option (menu third option). To get the character stones, you must first clear the story mode with that character having >90% (estimated) affinity (however, you only get to see the special ending during the credits if you get 100% affinity, 99% does not work). Extra level in stone get mode - I unlocked this, after beating Akira in free duel mode with a 2 stone handicap, but im suspecting its to do with the score you get, probably >3500 against akira will do as well. This mode is tough, much more of a challenge, and time consuming compared to the rest as the high level stones require scores of >4000 to get, while you have to endure playing on 19X19 boards. There will also be battles where its 7 stone handicap against su-young, one colour go (i recommend changing that option when you see it haha, press select, go to the last option of the 1st column and off the 1 colour go option) etc. high level stones include the Kirin collection, which is a new set apart from the 4 sets that are there previously. You also get to include more stones for your customization, where additional animations will appear for each action (connect >5, capture, good move, winning move). Unfortunately, i still have yet to unlock all the stones (currently at 83%). Probably you need to beat the characters at the free duel mode with different options or something. Enjoy!

[ext] Game FAQ and walkthrough. [ext] Hikaru no Go 2 page at GameFAQs

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