Go Text Protocol


The Go Text Protocol (GTP) is a text based protocol for communication with computer go programs, suitable for use in computer Go tournaments. It is also intended, through the use of auxiliary programs, to make it easier for go programmers to connect to go servers on the internet and do automatic regression testing. GTP has largely superseded the antiquated Go Modem Protocol.

See [ext] https://www.lysator.liu.se/~gunnar/gtp/ for more information.

Clients supporting GTP

Engines (go-playing programs) supporting GTP

An easy way to start learning about GTP is to run one of these engines without a client. e.g. bring up a shell/command prompt and type

gnugo --mode gtp

to bring up a list of GTP commands type


to view the Go board type


to make a first move type (for example)

play black q16

to make the engine move type

genmove white

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