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Standard 9x9 board  

A 9x9 board is the recommended board for beginners (or any Go player looking for a quick game, e.g. during coffee break...). The reduced size allows for shorter and simpler (not easier) games. It is a convenient size because it can be played on the lines of a Western Chess board (which has 8x8 squares, thus 9x9 lines).

Tengen, the middle of the board, is an obvious first move. In 9x9 Go tactics are important. Strategy doesn't really apply. Less complex than 19x19 Go, it still makes an interesting challenge for professionals.

PlatinumDragon: In my opinion and experience, the difference between a 25-kyu and 1-kyu is less than 1 stone on a 9x9 board.

Balance138?: I don't know what the difference is, but I give 4 stones to 25 kyu players and I am only 12 kyu.

Monteo (9D) 9x9 is the favorite board for many serious players, not just beginners. Top 9x9 players (9D) didnít play 19x19 and top 19x19 players, including AlphaGo, are very weak at 9x9.

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