Peter's Go


Peter's Go
Author: Peter Raffelsberger
License: proprietary
Price: none (sept.'12)
Category: player
Operating system: Windows
Reads format(s): sgf
Writes format(s): sgf
Languages: English, German
Stable Version: 5 (dec.'11)
Development status:
Homepage: [ext]
Size of installer: 1mby
Size if installed: 2mby
Strongest play: 8kyu?
Infos last checked:

Authors Words

peterraf? (10-'07): Version 4 is available now from [ext], which is playing around IgoWin's 8-kyu mark and supports SGF. Unfortunatly it's still not very fast when using the Monte-Carlo support. Any remarks welcome!

peterraf? (12-'11): Version 5 is available now from [ext] with stronger engine, support for multi-core processors and nicer tool bar. Any feedback welcome !

Users' Comments and Reviews

(please with date or version-#)

CarlosDal? (before 2-'05): I'm beginning and trying to study by playing softare called Peter's Go v 2.1.1 by Peter Raffelsberger. Is this software useful? Playing strength? Thank you.

morten(2-'05): I downloaded this from and was not overly impressed (admittedly, I only tried 9x9 games - it's quite slow).

  • It struggles to keep living stones on the board and seems unable to correctly evaluate whether the game has finished and the status of groups.
  • I let it play against IgoWin, where it ended up playing level around IgoWin's 18-kyu mark.
  • For recording or replaying games, Peter has developed his own file format... it can neither read or save to SGF or another existing format.
    • RueLue: Now (vers.5, 2012) it reads and writes sgf format, no prior format.
  • Finally, it is not as visually appealing as some of the other programs out there.
  • Whether you consider it useful will depend on what you want it to do, but I think that in all cases, there are other programs (most of whom are free as well) which will be more suited. See GoPrograms and the links from that page for other programs

TheBigH: Works on Linux under Wine. (01/01/2014)



Peter's Go last edited by TheBigH on January 1, 2014 - 05:45
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