Author: Petr Baudis, Jean-loup Gailly
License: GPLv2
Price: none (aug.'16)
Category: engine
Operating system: Wind., Linux, Mac, Android
Stable Version: 11.00/Retsugen (apr.'15)
Development status: active
Programming language: C
Homepage: [ext]
Can connect itself by GTP: yes
Strongest play: 4d (sept.'12)
Plays online: pachi2 (KGS, read info!)
Infos last checked:

Pachi is an open source go playing program (engine) or go-bot. It is being actively developed.

It reached 4d on kgs server (account Pachi2 cluster version)

See latest go software updates for the latest update news.

Homepage is at [ext]

The source code, written in C, is available at [ext]

Windows binaries (include Makefile for MinGW) are downloadable at [ext]

Mac binary is available in the Sente Goban extension package at [ext]

Android: "stable Pachi version 10.00 with ElyGo frontend" [ext]

The successive versions of the program are named after famous Japanese players:

 Pachi 2.00  September 2008  Sana?
 Pachi 3.00    October 2009  Sanetsu
 Pachi 4.00    October 2009  Doetsu
 Pachi 5.00   Februari 2010  Dosaku
 Pachi 8.00        May 2011  Shuhaku
 Pachi 9.00    October 2011  Hakugen
 Pachi 10.00    August 2012  Satsugen
 Pachi 11.00     April 2015  Retsugen

How to use Pachi on Windows (instructions in Russian): [ext]

You can also check out the derivatives:

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