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Publications on Computer Go Programming

The citeulike web site has a group for computer Go: [ext]

also see publications on the Mogo website

Programs Publishing Source Code

If you want to write your own go program it is always good to start with how others do it.

The following programs publish their source code, and you can check their license details to see to what extent it can be reused.

Programs still in development:

See also:

Discussion on Difficulties of Computer Go Programming

Aspects of Computer Go Programming, AI Techniques

There are a few algorithms for use in Go playing that can be of some use for Go programming.



Hi, I wonder if this is right place and put a PDF file here for your information. It is originally created as a concept note of my personal project initiated by what if I build a GO program without ‘Neural Network System’. I understand the document is yet pretty rough but will be refined along the project progress. I would be happy if this gives an idea for someone. Thanks.

Go Engines

Programs which play Go. (Main article: Go Playing Programs)

Libraries for Computer Go Programming

  • [ext] JiGo is a simple, Java-based, object-oriented API for developing Go-related applets and applications.
  • Fuego is a collection of C++ libraries for developing software for the game of Go. It includes a Go player using Monte-Carlo tree search.
  • [ext] OpenGo is intended as a workbench for programmers interested in the challenges of writing automated Go opponents."
  • [ext] Gomill (or on [ext] GitHub): Python toolkit for writing go clients and servers. Includes tools for playing programs against each other and for automatically tuning engine parameters, and generic GTP and SGF code.


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Programming a Computer Player for Other Games than Go

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