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This page gives an overview of online go servers.

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Internet Go servers can potentially deliver the following benefits.

  • Endless supply of players of all ranks 24 hours a day
  • Play people from just about any country in the world
  • Choose any time settings you like, from games that last less than 10 minutes, to 45 minutes, to 3 months or more
  • Watch strong Dan players any time you want
  • Many tournaments, chats, and lessons are available
  • Autosave games, ease in replaying a game, ability to create variations

There are three basic types of servers.

  • Real-time go servers in which two players play online simultaneously just like over a real goban are listed on this page. Games usually last from 10 minutes to one and a half hours.
  • Turn-Based go servers allow you to post a move to a website, and check back later for your opponents response. Games usually last from a few weeks to many months.
  • Play by Email allow you to email your move and play at a similarly slow pace.

Currently it appears that the favorites for Americans and Europeans are KGS, IGS, DGS and OGS; however, all of the following servers have different features to recommend them. Pick your favorite!

Users should practice basic Internet security when using these Go servers. See also Internet Security / Go clients and servers for specific information on using Go servers.

Listed hereafter are real-time servers; see Turn-Based Go Servers for the other variant.

The descriptions of the go servers are intentionally kept short; please discuss at the page of the server itself or at Go server reviews and reports if the server doesn't have its own page.

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Most Popular Go Servers

As a convenience for visitors to this page who are looking for a place to play Go on the internet, we have listed the most well-established Go servers at the top of the page. Because of their popularity, these servers can offer richer features and a broader variety of opponents. Popular Western servers are servers on which English is a common, or the most common, language; popular servers are the most popular servers the world over, although here East Asian languages are spoken almost exclusively; popular turn-based servers offer correspondence play at a more leisurely rate than the real-time servers.

Most common servers

Fox Weiqi (a.k.a. Yehu Weiqi 野狐围棋) ([ext] http://www.foxwq.com)

  • Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS only (no Linux or Mac client)
  • Hosted 60 online games where AlphaGo played as "Master" against elite players
  • Fox Weiqi of [ext] English version, [ext] Japanese version website and Korean version [ext] Han-Q Baduk.
  • Parent company of Fox Weiqi and Chinese Tencent QQ, WeChat is the same. Thus it also be called Tencent Weiqi or QQ Game.
  • Can use QQ account to login
  • Available in English, Japanese and Korean client for [ext] foreign download specially
  • Client is Unicode software that no AppLocale installation required
  • Has Android, iOS App [ext] mobile client
  • English client installation information tutorial [ext] here
  • Fox Weiqi Server registration is simple that just according to the guide of client software
  • Typical number of players connected: 6000 to 17000 (November 2020) (May be the most popular and largest Go server in China and with an English client)
  • 2018 Tencent World Artificial Intelligence Go Competition ([ext] website 23-06 to 31-07-2018)

IGS - The Internet Go server ([ext] http://www.pandanet-igs.com/) パンダネット

  • IGS is the grandfather of internet go, starting in 1992, it is still one of the most popular.
  • English and Japanese (origin) languages or {Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese} ?
  • Since 2013 there is a new official Client [ext] GoPanda2 which works on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Other clients (Windows, Macintosh, Linux , Android, iOS) include [ext] qGo, [ext] GoPanda and [ext] Tetsuki.
  • Its Japanese website hosts many articles and news from all over the world, including [ext] Europe and [ext] USA.
  • Typical number of players connected: 1000 to 3000 (November 2020)

KGS - KGS Go Server ([ext] http://www.gokgs.com/)

  • English (origin) and many other languages {Basque, Catalan, Czech, German, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish}
  • The KGS client is [ext] cGoban (Windows, Macintosh and Linux; can also connect via web browser without a client) or, for Android, [ext] KGS Client.
  • Web Clients include [ext] Shin KGS, [ext] KGS Leben, and GoUniverse
  • Has a strong North American and European following, but still does well world wide.
  • The ability to create "rooms" for clubs or countries, and plenty of chat.
  • Typical number of players connected: 588 (16-10-2019)

OGS - Online Go Server ([ext] https://www.online-go.com/)

  • Playable directly in the web browser (i.e. nothing to download/install and works on most smartphones and tablets).
  • Constantly updated, uses modern software.
  • Automated AI reviews.
  • Real time and correspondence games.
  • Multilingual.
  • Customizable themes.
  • 9x9, 13x13, 19x19 and custom size boards. Handicaps from 0 to 36.
  • Different time systems (including Fischer).
  • Extensive tournament play.
  • Ladders.
  • Ability to create "groups" for clubs or countries.
  • Typical number of players connected: 1800 (07-03-2019)

TygemBaduk - Tygem English language Go server ([ext] http://www.tygemgo.com/) 東洋囲碁

  • English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese languages.
  • Now has an Apple iPad client: ([ext] http://www.tygemgo.com/ehowto/guide.ipad.asp)
  • Requires download of the client, which only works on Microsoft Windows or Apple iPad
  • Works on Mac with wine (except for some buttons, Capitan June18):
   1. brew install wine
   2. brew install winetricks
   3. winetricks mfc42
   4. proceed with usual routine for opening .exe with wine
  • In September 2021, its Japanese language site ([ext] http://www.toyo-igo.com) turned totally browser-based (no download required to play).
  • Typical number of players connected: 4000 to 12000 (November 2020) (total on different regional servers)

WBaduk ([ext] http://www.wbaduk.com/) (was OroBaduk)  新浪囲棋/幽玄の間

  • English, Korean (origin), Chinese, Japanese languages.
  • The client download is on the [ext] WBaduk
  • Most populous contingent is Korean, but plenty of Chinese, Japanese, and Thais
  • Client is for Windows only, but some people have got it to work with wine.
  • Has Apple iPhone & iPad clients.
  • Has Android app client. (search for "wbaduk" on Google Play)
  • Typical number of players connected: 3000 to 12000 (November 2020) (total across different regional servers)

GoQuest ([ext] http://questgames.net/go9?lang=en) 囲碁クエスト

  • Japanese blitz server with English support
  • Primarily for mobile users (has apps for Android and iOS)
  • Provides a very simple web interface for non-mobile users
  • Automatch or Game with Friend (common password required).
  • Automatic Chinese scoring (not always perfect). Komi is 7 points with draws possible.
  • There are also 9x9 ([ext] http://wars.fm/go9?lang=en) and 13x13 ([ext] http://wars.fm/go13?lang=en) boards.
  • Time control is fixed: (3 min + 1 sec/move) for 9x9, (5 min + 3 sec/move) for larger boards.

Additional Alphabetical list

[ext] BadukPop

  • Android, iOS, and [ext] web browsers
  • Includes 4,500+ Tsumego library and AI opponents
  • Unlimited free online play on 9x9 (3 minutes) and 19x19 (10 minutes) with fast automatch

BadukWorld ([ext] http://www.badukworld.co.kr/)

  • Korean (origin), English languages
  • Java web based
  • The server seems to be oriented towards Korean expatriates
  • Playing fee is $10 per year. Claims "Board and stones are the most beautiful in the world".

BoardGameArena? ([ext] https://fr.boardgamearena.com/)

  • This website supports many games, there is a basic support for Go
  • multiple translations supported

BKGo? ([ext] http://www.red-bean.com/bkgo/)

  • English language
  • not sure this is active, web page has a 1999 copyright, looks pretty old

CGS - Color Go Server ([ext] https://colorgoserver.com/)

  • New Go server (Launched January 23, 2021)
  • beginner friendly
  • multilingual (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English - 18 Languages total)
  • Realtime or correspondence games (19x19, 13x13, 9x9)
  • no client installation required, playable directly in the web browser
  • Many colorful themes available
  • Some themes color areas of the board according to influence
  • review tools available
  • score estimation
  • game analysis
  • central chat room / game board chat / private message system
  • absolutely free

DipGo ([ext] https://dipgo.net)

  • Multi-Colour Go Server for up to 9 colours
  • Supports up to 4 players per colour
  • Browser-based - No client
  • English

FICGS - Free Internet Correspondence Games Server ([ext] http://www.ficgs.com/)

  • Turn-based / correspondence Go server (30 days + 1 day / move)
  • Playable directly in the web browser (works on smartphones and tablets).
  • Go application for mobile phones ([ext] https://ficgs.com)
  • Real time and correspondence games.
  • Multilingual (partly).
  • Customizable themes.
  • Also a correspondence chess server.
  • 7-player tournaments & world championship.
  • 19x19 boards only.

Game of Go ([ext] https://play.gameofgo.app) 圍棋

  • English.
  • Android, Apple, & Web.
  • 5x5, 9x9, 13x13, 19x19.
  • Live & Correspondence games.
  • Bots of various difficulties.
  • No WeChat required.
  • Adaptive Elo ranking.
  • Customizable games.

ItsYourTurn?.com (sic) ([ext] http://itsyourturn.com)

  • Wide variety of two-player turn-based games, including Go (full, 13x13, 9x9).
  • Simple graphics.
  • Territory scoring.
  • No ratings, so as to prevent lying and cheating.
  • Auto-scoring. (Can be wrong; ask admin to change it if necessary.)
  • Monthly tournaments for popular games.

LGS - The Legend Go Server ([ext] http://www.lgs.taiwango.net/) 傳奇圍棋網

  • Chinese (Taiwanese origin), English (sort of) languages
  • The client download is on the [ext] LGS homepage. Unconfirmed that many IGS clients will be compatible. port 9696
  • Primarily Taiwanese players?
  • Typical number of players (estimated) connected at any time: 64 (28-12-2013)

LankeWeiqi? 2.0 - Lanke Online Go Pro ([ext] http://www.lanke.cc/) 烂柯围棋

  • new Go server from China (version 2.0 release on 2nd Dec 2014)
  • multilingual (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English)
  • realtime games (19x19)
  • no client installation required, playable directly in the web browser
  • customizable themes (in preperation)
  • review tools available
  • score estimation
  • game analysis (preview)
  • central chat room / game board chat / private message system
  • absolutely free

Mattle? ([ext] https://go.mattle.online)

  • Support online human-vs-human, or against-AI
  • A cross-platform support with iOS, android and web
  • ELO rating/ranking
  • full-fledged in-game chat and discussion board
  • 100% free
  • game timer
  • cross platform support, with web version, android and iOS app, all connected to central server

Multiplayer Go Server - [ext] http://multiplayer-go-server.herokuapp.com/

  • English
  • Turn based in real time
  • No login needed
  • Fully customizable with rules
  • Can spectate

NWGS? - Northwest Go Server, AKA Dragon (Drag on) Go Server,([ext] http://www.braindog.org/)

  • English
  • Correspondence Games Only (Hours, days, months)
  • Board sizes 5x5 through 25x25 available

Playgogame ([ext] http://www.playgogame.com)

  • English and Chinese languages
  • (Note: As of April 2013, the website appears to be Chinese-language only)
  • A Go Server build by Lyu shuzhi.
  • copyright is 2001, doesn't look very up to date

Variant Go Server ([ext] https://go.kahv.io/)

  • English
  • Odd sized boards from 5x5 to 25x25 available
  • Modifiers include: Hidden Move, Pixel Go, Zen Go, One Color Go, No History, N+1, Tetris Go, Torodial Go, Phantom Go, Traitor Go, Ponnuki is worth x points

WING - World-wide InterNet Gokaisho ([ext] http://wing.gr.jp/indexe.html)

  • Japanese (origin), Chinese, Korean and English languages
  • Real Time server
  • Java and IGS / NNGS interfaces
  • Typical number of players connected at any time: 25 (28-12-2013)

Yike Weigi? ([ext] https://yikewq.web.app/)


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