Keywords: Software

Author: Gilles Arcas-Luque
License: proprietary
Price: none (july'17)
Category: editor, GUI for engines,...
...database, problems trainer, tutor
Operating system: Windows
Reads format(s): sgf, mgt
Writes format(s): sgf (export=rtf,...
...pdf, html, wmf, gif, png, jpg,...
...bmp, ascii for SL)
Languages: English, ar, cz, de,...
...chin simpl.,chin. trad.,es, fr,...
... hu, jp, ko, pl, pt-BR, ru, sk,...
...tu, vn
Stable Version: 4.23 (july'17)
Development status: inactive?
Homepage: [ext] godrago.net
Size of installer: 6 MB
Size if installed: 14 MB
Connect to engine(s) by GTP: yes
Number of engine presets: "several"
Infos last checked:




Drago is a freeware game editor, database and GUI for engines for Windows systems.

Table of contents

Current version

Drago current version is 4.30 (May 2021) [ext] Download or check [ext] release notes

Gilles wrote me on 2017-09-12:

  • Bad news: I don't plan to spend much more time developing drago.
  • Good news: I am opensourcing it [ext] https://github.com/GillesArcas/Drago.
    Unfortunately, I am afraid nobody will invest time to continue to develop it but at least it will be feasible.


  • It is an SGF viewer/editor FF[4] compliant
  • It accepts multi game files and has an index, text or diagrams, to explore and select them.
  • It supports Unicode.
  • It enables to load problem collections and replay them (like uliGo or Life&Death). It accepts files with uliGo or goproblems solution markers.
  • It enables to load game collections and replay them.
  • It is a GUI to GTP game engines: GNU Go, MoGo, Brown, AntIgo, Aya, [ext] Go169, AmigoPlus?, Fuego, DariusGTP). Drago handles correctly engine resignation. GTP-console
  • It prints and exports files to PDF, RTF and HTML, diagrams to WMF, GIF, PNG and JPEG, and handles predefined and user defined printing styles to store sets of printing options (see examples following the link below).
  • It enables to select a diagram on the go board and export it into various formats. Support ASCII format for SL diagrams. SL Diagrams with Drago describes this feature.
  • Tabs
  • XP support
  • Tutor mode with game files
  • Open/save sgf from/to clipboard
  • Extended print configuration
  • Full-screen mode (F11 to toggle)
  • Rotate/flip board
  • swap colors of stones
  • ... and more

Database features

Drago is a client to the libkombilo library from Ulrich Goertz. This library provides the database features from Kombilo. In short, Drago enables to:

  • create game databases,
  • search games using player names, dates, results, and so on,
  • search games containing a position selected on a board.
  • See [ext] this quick description for some snapshots.

File formats

  • SGF, HTML, RTF, GIF, PNG, JPEG, WMF, ASCII for SL-graphics, PDF, DOC, bmp


Drago is translated to:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese simplified
  • Chinese traditional
  • Czech
  • English (including help file)
  • Finnish
  • French (including help file)
  • German (including help file)
  • Hungarian
  • Italian (including help file)
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

If you are interested in adding another language, please let me know. This [ext] page gives some technical details for translators.

Problems / Solutions

Is there a way to continue a game with fuego ? It works with Gnugo but if I open a started game to continue it with Fuego, the program will just be stuck (the mouse cursor indicating it's thinking...). Gogui claims this works fine, but Gogui doesn't seem to work on Win 7, 64 bits. Also how to change parameters of Fuego when using Drago ? The basic parameters are a bit week, and Fuego doesn't just have a "level". It is 4 parameters that modify the accuracy... Besides those 2 issues Drago is very nice...

willemien I think it is a problem in cygwin (the translater from C++ sourcecode to windows executable) I don't know who and how it can be solved sorry

Forum and wish list

Any comment, suggestion, feedback, question welcome at:


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