SimpleGo is a simple and instructive GO playing engine, written from scratch in Python by Aloril.

It is meant for beginner Go coders and beginner Go players.

Table of contents

Important versions

Version 0.0

This version plays random moves. Support by GnuGo is required for scoring, as well as for clearing play in case the players disagree about the final status of groups.

Patrick Traill: What is meant here by clearing play?? Is that further play to establish the status if the players disagree? (rules)

[ext] Downloadable source code for version 0.0

Version 0.1.X

In this version, move generation is based on liberty counting. Scoring and clearing at the end of games are managed completely by SimpleGo, using BensonsAlgorithm. Hence, GnuGo is not needed here anymore.

[ext] Downloadable source for version 0.1.X

Version 0.1.X is currently playing as WeakBot50k at KGS.

Version 0.2.X

Version 0.2.X adds 1-2 liberty tactical search. This handles ladders and similar cases. Maybe about 20 stones stronger. Its playing as SimpleBot at KGS.

Version 0.3.X

Version 0.3.x adds:

  • tactical cut/connection reading for heuristical death reading
  • cutting of small passageways between surrounding groups and between surrounding group and edge for killed group (only miai cutting currently)

Now it realises dead groups much earlier and sometimes kills and saves groups.

Version 0.4.X

Version 0.4.x is now Monte Carlo engine using UCT search. It also is now partially written in C and uses GNU Go libboard to make and undo moves (place/remove stones from board) and other basic stuff like liberty counting and board hashing.

External links

[ext] Latest source code.

[ext] Current/past blog for SimpleGo among other stuff

[ext] Current/future blog for SimpleGo among other stuff

[ext] SimpleGo page at Londerings


Patrick Traill: This page duplicates and/or conflicts with some of the information on SimpleBot'', and would be clearer and easier to keep up to date if that were merged into this page (and replaced by an alias, of course).

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