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Chinese: 终盘 (zhong1 pan2)' 官子 (guan1 zi3)[1]
Japanese: 終盤 (shuban)[2], ヨセ (yose)
Korean: (jongban), 끝내기 (kkeunnaegi)

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The endgame is the final stage of the game when the life & death status of all big groups has been determined and the remaining moves are boundary plays, aiming at expansion of own territory and reduction of the territory of the opponent.

Important aspects of the endgame include Sente and Gote relationships, calculating or estimating the count and size of plays, and getting the last play at different levels of the size of plays.

Per Ogawa Tomoko and James Davies,

By the endgame the board has been more or less divided up into separate territories, and most of the fighting tends to affect only two of them, occurring at a mutual boundary. The opening and middle game are much like a single large battle between two armies; the endgame is like a number of smaller battles going on in different places simultaneously.[3]

Suggested Sensei's Library Reading

  1. Basic Endgame Theory - basic advice on how to play the endgame and theoretical foundations on how to evaluate move size and urgency
  2. More about the Principles of Yose
  3. Practical Approach to Yose
  4. Endgame Tesuji
  5. Endgame Problems

Those who want mathematical theory and application can visit the Combinatorial Game Theory path.

Endgame Terms and Concepts

About Sente and Gote

Calculation Methods

Endgame Principles

Endgame Techniques


Problems and Exercises

Organized Series

Isolated Endgame Problems

Video Courses





[1] The Chinese term 收官 (shou1 guan1) is a verb describing the process of playing the endgame.

[2] The Japanese term yose properly describes the 'drawing together' of territory or territories. The term for endgame is shuban.


[3] Ogawa, T. & Davies J. (1976/2000). Elementary Go Series Vol. 6. The Endgame. Tokyo, Japan: The Ishi Press; Santa Monica, CA: Kiseido Publishing.

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