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http://www.dragongoserver.net/images/dragonlogo_br-alignright.jpg http://www.dragongoserver.net/images/dragonlogo_bl-alignleft.jpg The [ext] Dragon Go Server (DGS) is a turn-based go server.

Server outage

2017-10-07 04:52 CEST: had to take down the webserver (apache) to free up resources on the server. Need to analyze what problem it is ... Currently the regular backup is running and I try to let it finish in the hope it normalizes in some time. Problem was likely starting around 03:30 CEST. Server stays off till further notice ... /JUG (DGS-Admin)

2017-10-07 05:08 CEST: Server up again. There was/is something wrong with making the backup. Backup stays disabled for now till being clarified with service provider. /JUG (DGS-Admin)

News archive

2017-08-18 08:00 UTC: planned server outage (maintenance). estimated: 15-30 minutes.

2016-12-12 15:20 UTC: Website not available, all pages are not working

  • www.dragongoserver.net gives a page with the error:
  "Connection to database failed. Please wait a
   few minutes and test again."
  "MySQL error: Too many connections"
  • other pages or services (SGF access, for example) give the same error page
  • this started a few minutes ago, and has not stopped since
  • unknown cause
  • 2016-12-12 16:49 UTC: Problem resolved (database was locked due to a very expensive db-query). Server available again!!

2016-08-13 15:30 CEST: Connection problems - Server not responding

  • www.dragongoserver.net is not reachable
  • the provider samurajdata.se is not reachable as well, so it might be a network-related problem
  • due to the nature of the problem (server is not reachable), all game-clocks have stopped
  • see also [ext] http://www.lifein19x19.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=13474
  • 2016-08-13 16:40 CEST: managed to reach someone from the provider per phone ... they are looking into it ...
  • 2016-08-13 17:50 CEST: Response from provider-support: "Our fiber link to our internet service provider is down since 14:55. The fault has been reported to the internet service provider, they're sending a technician to the fiber connection point to fix it. I have no time estimate yet for when it will be fixed. The DGS server itself is up and running normally, no problems there."
  • 2016-08-13 19:54 CEST: Estimate for earliest fix according to ISP is at 20:45. Error is most probably in the access router at the ISP end.
  • 2016-08-13 20:54 CEST: Problem resolved at 20:54. Server available again!!

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Some features

  • DGS offers a "proper komi feature" with fine-tuned komi intervals to balance even minor rating differences to provide a 50-50 chance for both players.
  • hidden comments can be inserted during the game, for post-mortem analysis (where they become readable by everybody).
  • The Capped Fischer Timing system.

DGS "add-ons"

Android Apps:

  • [ext] anDGS (Android) a client for the Dragon Go Server (DGS) including a waiting game/message notifier and ability to download any DGS game. anDGS is also a local editor supporting most sgf editing features and auto play mode mode for study. NEW* play ahead feature
  • [ext] BW-DGS (Android) This is a plugin for the BW-Go SGF analyser application. BW-Go/BW-DGS is SGF-based, which means that you can analyse positions and try out moves easily before submitting. Also, you can use Kogo's Joseki Dictionary in a separate screen as a Joseki helper.
  • [ext] Online Go is an Android client for DGS. This app adds conditional moves to DGS - you can play a sequence of moves at once, and if your opponent does what you expect, the app will continue the sequence automatically.
  • [ext] DragonGoApp open source Android app. (also on the [ext] F-Droid market) Play correspondence games from both OGS and DGS servers seamlessly on the same goban.

Other apps:

  • Dragon Notifier (Windows) is an open-source tray bar utility that notifies you when it is your turn to move in a DGS game. A list of games is displayed from which you can either get the corresponding sgf file or jump to the equivalent dragon page.
  • [ext] Dragon Go Server Turn Monitor (Any OS with Java) notifies you when it is your turn to move in a DGS game. DGSTM runs on all platforms the support Java. The windows version of DGSTM places an icon in the system tray that shows your current DGS game status.
  • [ext] Dragon Probe: (Unix with KDE) Seeing the handy URL used by the above app, I've written a Kicker applet to that watches DGS for you, too. --Neil
  • [ext] Dragon Watch (Unix with Gnome) is a GNOME panel applet that does the same job.
  • [ext] dgsmon (Unix command line / Gkrellm FMonitor) does the same, with command line output. Also integrates easily with Gkrellm.
  • DragonTeaser script which plays a sound EACH 5 minutes if a DGS game is waiting.
  • [ext] dgs ruby gem is an OS-independant Ruby gem which provides a command-line interface and a Ruby-Library for own applications.
  • [ext] dgsmonX (Mac OS X 10.4 or newer) faceless application that appears in the menubar only (not in the Dock) and notifies you when it is your turn to move. Is unrelated to dgsmon, the name's just borrowed.
  • CompoGo (Windows-program) can connect to DGS to manage your games.
  • [ext] dgs library for Haskell to access the bot interface
  • [ext] Dragon Go Client (iPhone) is an iPhone and iPod Touch client for Dragon Go Server.
  • [ext] Dragon's Eye Yahoo! widget for Windows, Mac, or some Sony TVs that indicates when it is your turn.
  • [ext] wyvern program that lets you record an entire sequence of moves (including conditional moves) and plays them for you
  • [ext] Dragon's Breath is a Mac menu bar notifier for DGS games, available in the Mac App Store.
  • [ext] DGS Pal is a JavaFX client for the DGS server. This application creates a persistent game board with automatic play update and board editing features - notably - playing ahead. Requires Java 7, JavaFX 2+ 64 bit.
  • [ext] DGS Electric Modern cross-platform application for playing games on the Dragon Go Server

Browser addons:

  • (FX) [ext] DGS Check A Firefox extension? that notifies you when it is your turn in a DGS Game. A status bar icon tells you how many games are waiting, the context menu has list of links to the individual games, and it will also display a system notification when a new game is added to the list.
  • [ext] Dragon Go Server -Indicator A waiting game -notifier for Chrome. Shows amount of waiting games, links to the games and notifies when new games are observed.
  • (FX) see /UserScripts
  • (FX) [ext] Server Switcher to toggle between live and development server.
  • (FX) [ext] Send To Eidogo to view and edit sgf file using your browser.

HTML files:

TDerz All of this is very impressive. The snafu-link allows us to verify the club rating (also it's not in the club). A slight improvement of Peter Nicell's way by Stéphane Macaire: "./" before dgsr.html (DragonGoServer auto-refresh) refers to the same folder, hence no address change is necessary and 10 seconds refreshment rate were to short on our computer at work (tried here with 3 minutes):

   <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="180; url=./dgsr.htm">
   <title>Dragon Go Server auto refresh</title>
  <frameset cols="*,1" framespacing="0" border="0" frameborder="NO">
   <frameset rows="*,1" framespacing="0" border="0" frameborder="NO">
   <frame src="[ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/status.php" name="main">
     Sorry your browser does not support frames...

However, this refreshment page stops refreshing after some time (90 seconds): "The page cannot be displayed" perhaps due to Network Settings.

  • (Firefox 1.5+:) To remove the status box: (thx Rod) Use the userContent.css (you can find infos at

[ext] http://www.mozilla.org/support/firefox/edit#content) with those lines:

 @-moz-document url([ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/status.php)
 #user_status {
 display: none !important;

See also

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