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I play on KGS as yoyoma, usually 1d.

I enjoy reviewing games, both my own and to help others.

Quick links:

Some links



  • [ext] http://gobase.org/studying/joseki/basic - Learn some basic joseki, there is a lot of other good information on this site.
  • KGSTeachingLadder - Receive free teaching, with the understanding that you will teach those weaker than you. (Rooms -> Room List -> lessons -> KGS Teaching Ladder)
  • GTL - Look at amateur game reviews and get your own games reviewed.
  • DonTAttachWhenAttacking - Important concept, I wish this page was a little better, maybe sometime I'll put some work into it.
  • KikashiAndInfluence - This page is ok, but scroll to the bottom and read Charles Matthews "point of kikashi against weak/strong groups".

Math and Statistics


Can I live under that 4-4 stone? What about this enclosure? What about this one? What about this other one? Answer to all these: It depends on the surroundings. Walls halfway across the board make a difference!

Endgame and Counting

Interesting positions from my own games

Maybe I could put these on various BQMs or Random Tseumego and use an index here to keep track of them for my own use.

Running Tournaments

Other Links

KGS Rooms / Texas Go Players




My go rating history

Gaps represent times I didn't play that much, except the 1996 gap I was playing sporadically, but I don't have records of my IGS games (I got these few data points I have from GTL games). It's too bad KGS wasn't around to preserve my history from 28k to 5k!

1995-04 - 28k IGS
1995-08 - 24k IGS
1995-09 - 23k IGS
1997-03 -  5k IGS
2002-10 - 10k KGS
2002-11 -  8k KGS
2002-12 -  7k KGS
2003-06 -  5k KGS
2003-08 -  4k KGS
2003-12 -  3k KGS
2004-03 -  2k KGS
2004-05 -  1k KGS
2004-09 -            * rating algorithm change, later bottom out around 5k
2006-09 -            * rating algorithm changes again for KGS3, later recover to around 1k
2006-11 -  1k KGS
2006-12 -  1d KGS
2007-09 -  2d KGS
2007-11 -  1d KGS    * After here I couldn't get back to 2d for a long time
2009-09 -  2d KGS    * Finally returned after 2 years!

My KGS [ext] games and [ext] rank graph

AGA Major Tournaments Calendar

Building this here, will decide where to put it later (Is there a way to put a linefeed in a cell?)

Winner for AGA Event
Date Event AGA Rep for International
2009-08 [ext] US Open Myungwan Kim 9p
[ext] (also qualifier for WAGC) Thomas Hsiang
[ext] (also qualifier for KPMC) Yuan Zhou
2009-08 [ext] NAIMT Andy Liu
2009-10 KPMC Yuan Zhou -- 5th
2009-11 [ext] North American Fujitsu Cup Jie Li
2010-02 [ext] Pair Go Feng Yun 9p, Jie Li
2010-02 [ext] Chunlan Cup AGA Qualifier Mingjiu Jiang 7p
2010-03 [ext] World Pair Go Feng Yun 9p, Jie Li -- [ext] 1st Round
2010-03 Chunlan Cup 1st round Mingjiu Jiang 7p [ext] First Round
Future Events
2010-04 Fujitsu Jie Li -- [ext] April 10
2010-05 WAGC Thomas Hsiang
2010-08 [ext] US Open
[ext] (also qualifier for WAGC)
[ext] (also qualifier for KPMC)
2010-08 NAMT
(also qualifier for Fujitsu)
2010-10 KPMC

Leave me a message here!

ilan: Here is Kramer's interpretation (from the TV show Seinfeld): [ext] http://hcsyl.tripod.com/wavs/yoyoma.wav

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