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This page holds a reference list of miai values. These are rational numbers, rounded to two decimal places to keep things relatively clear while maintaining an ordering.

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The point of a values list

In practice, 0.5 +/- is good enough precision. E.g., 1.0- is better than 0.5+. There will be times when a tiny fraction of a point will make a difference, but figuring that fraction is not usually easier than reading it out.

However, that is not the point of this list. The point of precision is not that the values are likely to be useful in a real game but that precise values more correctly illustrate the underlying algorithm. It is much harder for a newbie to extrapolate backwards from fuzzy values like approximately -2.5 points.


For readers:

  • All examples are framed by empty spaces. There are no alternative plays in the frame, and all stones that are connected to the frame are alive.
  • Black scores are positive, White scores are negative.

For posters:

  • Please show territory unambiguously. E. g., close it off. Also, give the initial count.
  • If your diagram leaves more play, say how much the next play is worth. That will help the reader look it up. Also indicate the value of any sente followup.
  • You can also link to the relevant followers, if they exist. And create them, if necessary.
  • Preferably Black to play first: the sequence shown will naturally be Black's sente or ambiguous exactly when White is shown as the last to play. The default for values involving ko is the 'divide by three' miai counting convention. Some values, though, depend on the komaster concept. But when showing both sides of a play, I think it is better to keep the stable stones the same and change who plays first.

See also

See /Discussion for questions and discussion about material on these pages.

  • Territory scoring, naturally; add one for area scoring (see Miai counting - ratio explanation, 'pedantic note about scoring method' for why, and note that points in seki may make a difference as well). Explanations can be added to this page, and annotations (links to other pages, too). The point would be to consolidate a list.

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