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Here is a list of Guided Tours (also known as 'paths'). To create your own have a look at How Paths Work and add your Path Main Page here.

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Sensei's Library

Using and contributing to Senseis Library
explanations of how to use and to contribute Sensei's Library - and a bit about how it works as well.

First information on Go FAQ
Read through the FAQ for the newsgroup (the FAQ's subsections are paths, too).
Go Proverbs
proverbs give you guidelines on how to play in certain situations. Have a look at their explanation.
Go Terms
a reference list of Japanese go terms and their explanations.
Making your own equipment
create your own goban and stones. Initiated by Morten.
Go's hierarchy - everyone thinks about it, even if they won't admit it.

Orientation in the basics

About the opening
basics of the opening stage explained for beginners.
Eyes collection
a close study of the two eyes requirement for life.
Killable Eyeshapes Introductory
Which shapes can't make two eyes?
primary tactics.
list of consecutive phases in the game, from start to end
Ko Pages - Beginner
a basic introduction to ko, ko threats, and some playing principles. Initiated by Morten Pahle.
Handicap go path
handicap games are the traditional method of go teaching (in Japan and elsewhere).
Beginner Study Section
Loads of things to learn.
General Opening Principles
Two Squares
the very basics about what makes an eye, with the simplest conceptual theory that can be swiftly applied in gameplay

For the improving player

a reference for common mistakes and their names.
Good play
a reference for complimentary descriptions of plays.
Aspects of Sacrifice
learn to sacrifice and you'll surely improve.
All about influence
what there is in Go besides just taking territory.
All you ever wanted to know about sekis
Central Line
about central influence in fuseki.
Amateur Fuseki
some amateur openings for discussion.
Diagonal attachment path
clear up many common misconceptions.
Pincer Path
the way of pincer joseki.
Give Me Liberties
in the closest fighting, your liberties may be all that matter.
Invasion Itinerary
invasion sequences and how to think about them.
Stones walking path
the elements of the flow of the game.
Enclosure techniques
enclosures (shimari in Japanese) firmly or loosely take whole corners.
Killing Shape
Recognising basic shapes that, if they almost fill an opponents eyespace, may yield a kill.
Connecting Techniques
The Endgame
Don't throw away your lead settling the last few points.
Endgame tesuji
How to steal a game at the last minute.

Sharpen your understanding

Advanced Technique
Sequencing questions
an introduction to the subtle side of the game.
Forcing and initiative
a complex debate about the meaning of 'forcing' play.
Ko Pages - Taxonomy
expanding on Ko Pages - Beginner.
All you ever wanted to know about sekis
but were afraid to ask.

Opening theory

Wedge variants
a course of study about the wedge plan on a side.
Tsuke-nobi joseki
This tour takes an in-depth look at one of the first joseki beginners learn: the attach-extend joseki.
The nadare joseki
the avalanche joseki is one of the most difficult josekis. Initiated by Andre Engels.
3-4 point high approach, two-space high pincer
another walk-through for a major modern joseki.
3-4 point approach from the wrong direction
3-4 point high approach outside contact
4-4 point low approach, diagonal
4-4 point low approach one-space low pincer
4-4 point low approach, tsukenobi
The double kakari
Handling the double approach to the corner.

Exercises, Problems, and Games

Beginner Exercises
Beginner Game Sample 2
Beginner Game Sample 5
Beginner move function problems
Identify what the purpose of the next move is.
Beginners Endgame Exercises
Capturing Race Exercises
Commented Games
opinions on games played here, at all standards.
Don't help your opponent exercises
Exercises on avoiding this evil.
Fuseki Exercises
Gokyo Shumyo Tsumego Series
for low-kyu and dan players
17th Fujitsu Cup Commented Game
Between Yi Ch'ang-ho and Wang Lei.

Where you can help

The Big Question Marks - people looking for advice.
Please Review Me
Pages that need checking by stronger players.
Sensei's Teaching Ladder
Games and positions that need commenting.
The Japanese Big Question Mark - help with questions on Japanese.
Handicap Fuseki Questions
Give your opinion.
Beginner Game Samples To Comment
Share your insight.
Intended to help go teaching / tutoring.

For addicts who can never have enough

players write on their interpretation of equilibrium in the game.
many heuristic ideas, no warranties at all.
Linguistics - Japanese
scholarly talk on Japanese terms.
Linguistics - English
same, but for English.
Statistical analysis
for those who like to see numbers and discuss the use of databases.
CGT path
for the mathematically inclined.
International titles and oriental domestic titles.
Mentality Path
Overcoming your biggest obstacle: You!
Good Habits
Practice these until they are ingrained.
Bad Habits
Things which hold you back, or bother your opponent.
Go Humour
Go History
About Go clubs.
Connection Games
Other games beside Go involving connecting your pieces.
Get Strong at Go
About the book series authored mainly by Richard Bozulich.

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