Japanese Big Question Mark

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Japanese BQM


Welcome to the Japanese Big Question Mark !

This page is patterned after the Big Question Mark.

Chris Hayashida: I am learning Japanese, and am trying to learn how to speak when playing in Japan. However, I only had nine weeks of class, and my vocabulary is based on reading and watching Hikaru no Go and talking with relatives.

This page is for questions about the Japanese language, in case they come up.

A reference to HikaruProblem9 might belong on here.

  • JBQM1 : Handicaps? - from Hikaru no Go
  • JBQM2 : Etymology of mochikomi?
  • JBQM3 : Question about a Japanese book
  • JBQM4 : Suteishi? a kind of throw-in.
  • JBQM5 : How do you apologize for being rude?
  • JBQM6 : Ponnuki = missing pon?
  • JBQM7 : Reading ahead?
  • JBQM8 : Pronunciation
  • JBQM9 : Sai's job?
  • JBQM10: How to say in Japanese that we are playing with Chinese rules?
  • JBQM11: What is a "thank you" move?
  • JBQM12: Idiomatic translation of a book title?
  • JBQM13: How to read a particular Japanese name?
  • JBQM14: What is a hon ko?
  • JBQM15: A go(?) proverb.
  • JBQM16: Yomisuji.
  • JBQM17: Hibiku.
  • JBQM18: Literal meaning of kyusho

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