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What to write about oneself?

Lived in the dark world until 1998, when I saw the light and took up Go.

I cannot be very proud of my (lack of) Go prowess, but I am pleased how SL, with the help of all our contributors, has grown since its inception.

I am also grateful to work with Arno on the GTL - recently joined by four more bold people to create an excellent [ext] GTL maintainer team.

Most other things I do or have done are less significant :-)

Since this is a Wiki, you are of course welcome to amend the above and add all your praise/criticism you see fit.

I can of course be reached [email] by e-mail.


(Sebastian:) Back in 2001, you wrote "content is already substantial". What was the content then, and how has it grown since?

(Morten:) By memory, SL had roughly 100 pages when we made the announcement. The pages were centred around the 'core' SL pages (e.g. explaining how SL worked), some pages on shape, joseki, ko fighting and the opening.
Before the announcement on RGG, Arno and I invited several 'guinea pigs' (hence GuineaPigsFeedBack) who enriched the site enormously. Over the years, various contributors have added structure (we had no real structure planned) and content. I think that the result so far has exceeded our expectations - thanks to all the users.

Bob McGuigan: Thanks for giving me the tip about minor edit. I don't think I have it as a default, though. Maybe sometimes I accidentally checked it, or my edit started out as a minor one, and I checked the box and then the edit grew :) I was just looking at RecentChanges and I see some edits of mine there. Thanks again for your interest in my edits; I have no intention to be stealthy :)

Morten "B 2 the stealth bomber, BMG - the stealth editor" :-) Seriously, a couple of times I went to edit a recentlychanged page only find that you had already done so without leaving a trace in RC - and usually providing an edit close to what I wanted to write - spooky. That's why I assumed you'd set the preference. Anyway, no harm done - keep it up :-)

Bob McGuigan: Thank you (and Arno) for your judicious handling of the Russian Go Federation/Go Federation (Russia) and other messes.

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