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The pages as they are seen consists of two halves: the right and the left.

The right half

This contains the Page title, some attributes, the page itself, and the page footer.

The Page title is, as you can see, a link. Clicking on the link will show you a list of related pages.

Below the horizontal ruler you can find some page attributes called 'page headers' on the right hand side. Read more about them in AboutPageHeaders. If a header (one of pagetype, difficulty, or keywords) is not set, it is omitted. You can click on an attribute to search for other pages which have the same attribute set.

The page itself is what you read. Everything you see here is created on-the-fly by the GoWiki engine and can be edited by any user by clicking on the [Edit page] link in the left half.

The page footer briefly gives some information on the last page editing.

If you are in a path, you will see the name of and a link to the path main page and a "next" and "prev" link, linking to, (you've guessed it:) the next and previous page in the path. These links are at the top and at the bottom of a page. Note: even if a page belongs to more than one path, only the current active path is displayed. For more information on paths, look at How Paths Work or try it out at GuidedTours.

The left (yellow) half

This is mainly used for navigation within SL.

The graphic at the top will always take you back to the SL homepage.

Below the Graphic there are some links to useful pages which are often visited:

lists the most recently changed pages. This is one of the prime navigation pages if you visit SL more often. See HowToReadRecentChanges, RecentChangesJunkies.
gives a list of entry points into SL,
gives more information about SL.
takes you to a random page in SL.
Page history
shows you some information and a change history of the page
Latest page diff
shows you the latest change to the current page
gives you the opportunity to do title- or fulltext-search. Use it!
[Edit Page]
will open the current page for editing.

Below these links is a list of pages referencing the current page, divided into the categories below. Pages are sorted according to a score which is basically based on how heavily linked the pages are.

pages can have aliases (e.g. Ladder is an alias of Shicho.) As there's no way to "view" (and thus edit) the alias page itself, pages contain edit links to their aliases. See also: How Aliases Work
is a list of pages of pagetype 'Path' (GuidedTours) which have links pointing to this page.
list of people's homepages referencing this page. Limited to 5 entries.
Referenced by
list of 'normal' pages having a link to the current page, also known as 'backlinks' - often you can use these to go back where you just came from. Limited to the 10 most popular entries.

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