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Joseki #9

      • rtsp://

a few korean terminology:

black == 흑 white == 백 ko == 패 problem == 문제

Badook TV (바둑 TV)

Unfortunately, the feed is down for now. = -(

check back for more updates in the near future !

  • 24-7 FREE Badook / Baduk Broadcast Available here:
    • mms://
    • Use Windows mplayer for viewing.

Badook TV Translated

  • roomlist ---> social ---> Sai's Badook Room
  • Sai runs simulataneous translation sessions of major titles and pro games.
  • For weekly schedule, check his info often on KGS. iLoveSai
  • Or, catch Sai in Sabaki Go Club Room on KGS.
  • For more info, please see: badukTV

KGS rank graph for ilovesai

How to contact Sai:

  1. e-mail: [email] (dead link)
  2. leave a message on KGS
  3. look for Sai in Sabaki Go Club room (if logged on always there!)

My Helpful Friends:

( in no particular order )

  • sydboy79 (4d) (my newest bud)
  • nugatory [-] (head of Hayashi House)
  • Slade (4k) (x-mentor)
  • bastard [-] (x-deputy mentor
  • sabaki[-] (current mentor)
  • utwig (5d)(friend)
  • NoSide? (my broccoli & x-slave)
  • doc-eu (to shortening everything)[ext]
  • sigue (1d) (has a dog with fleas)
  • Staer (8k) (great reveiwer)
  • DeSade? (5k) (my sdk friend & a stand-by game reviewer)
  • reptar (9k?) (master-mind behind reptarbot & sb'er #1)
  • Kakashisan (13k) (0p & married to feng yun 9p)
  • Kamenoitte [-] (turtle from FL)
  • ChrisW (self-proclaimed 25k)
  • Carcer (11k) ( arch-rival & spy #1)
  • Quattro (spy #2, an excellent drummer, RG in training)
  • Sponge (aka Tatsu)
  • Farseeing (11k)
  • Dmajor (sb'er #2)
  • Maltar (The Sabaki Club Jester)
  • Aussiemate (the best mate)
  • Seifer (Tsumego lover)
  • Dayharri (friend from IGS)
  • Dangomouse (aka, DangerMouse?)
  • Drimgere (the coolest)
  • Firefox2004 (x-mentee)
  • Araneta (14k) (arch-rival)
  • Supaho21 (14k) (arch-rival who dosn't have internet for the summer)
  • Sabaki Go Club friends

My very first diagram on KGS:

Joseki #9  


My Students:

  • Currently not looking for a new student.
  • My previous mentee: allanx2000 (15k) (Started 5/17/2004 @25k to 6/23/2004 @18k)

My Mentors:

  • I am looking for a new mentor. If you are on during late evenings (EST) and would like to teach me, please send me a buzz. (dead link)

  • See KGSMentoringScheme

~~~~~ How to add ~~~~~

  • (to the mentoring page &/or create your personal page.)
  1. go to KGSMentoringScheme (or any other page you want to add yourself to)
  2. click on "user" link on the left hand side (LHS) and sign up.
  3. go back to KGSMentoringScheme and click "edit page" link on the LHS.
  4. add your nick with a bracket around it to the appropriate lines and save.
  5. go back to KGSMentoringScheme and click on your nick. (should be blue).
  6. click on "edit page" on the LHS.
  7. write whatever pleases you on your webpage & save.
  8. you are done.
  9. if you have problems following this instruction, please contact me in KGS via messages/chat.
  10. Reference: AddingPages, HowToUseWiki

Useful places in Sensei's Library:

(in no particular order)

  1. GuidedTours
  2. BeginnerStudySection
  3. KGSMentoringScheme
  4. KGSTeachingLadder
  5. KGSArchNemesisScheme
  6. KGSFirstTimeUserExperience
  7. KGSTeachingLadder/GamesList?

Other useful Go/Baduk/Weichi (J/K/C) links:

Sabaki Go Club

The Sabaki Go Club is a friendly place for newbies, ([ext] (dead link). (under "clubs" category in KGS)

My Progress:

  • 4/15/2004 Newbie
  • 5/02/2004 KGS rank 21k (first solid rank)
  • 5/06/2004 KGS rank 20k
  • 5/12/2004 KGS rank 19k
  • 5/19/2004 KGS rank 18k
  • 5/31/2004 KGS rank 17k
  • 6/10/2004 KGS rank 16k
  • 6/22/2004 KGS rank 15k
  • 7/08/2004 KGS rank 14k
  • 7/19/2004 KGS rank 13k
  • 8/11/2004 KGS rank 12k
  • 9/19/2004 KGS rank 11k
  • 9/28/2004 KGS rank 10k
  • 10/??/2004 KGS rank 9k <------ SDK !!!

My Games:

My games on KGS: [ext]

  • 2004 May Games: 344
  • 2004 June Games: 297so far

My games with allanx98 are here===> GamesWithallanx98

My games with slade are here===> GamesWithslade

Greetings before & after a game:

  • Chinese:
    • Ni Hao
    • Xie Xie. (Thank you)
  • Dutch:
    • hallo. (hi)
    • veel plezier (have fun)
    • gefeliciteerd (congratulations)
    • het spel is voorbij (game's over)
    • je speelt erg goed! (you play well)
    • ik heb gewonnen (I won!)
    • jij hebt gewonnen (you won!)
  • French:
    • Bonne partie
    • Merci pour la partie
  • Finnish:
    • Terve, onnea peliin
    • Kiitos pelistä, hyvä peli.
  • German:
    • Hallo. (hello)
    • Viel Glück! (good luck)
    • Danke schön. / Danke sehr. (thank you)
    • Schönes Spiel. (great game)
  • Hungarian:
    • Jó játékot! (Have a good game.)
    • Köszönöm a játékot! (Thanks for the game.)
    • Jó játék volt! (It was a good game.)
  • Indonesian:
    • Mohon kerjasamanya. (I request your co-operation)
    • Terima kasih. (thank you)
    • Permainan bagus. (great game)
  • Italian:
    • ?
    • ?
  • Japanese:
    • (Yoroshiku) Onegaishimasu. (let's have a great game)
      • Kanji: (宜しく) お願いします.
    • Arigato gozaimashita. (Thank you)
      • Kanji: 有難うございました.
  • Korean:
    • Ja-al bu ta-ak d-ream-knee-da. (let's have a great game)
      • Hangul: 잘 부탁 드립니다
    • Ja-al bay what sum knee da. (I learned a lot)
      • Hangul: 잘 배웠습니다
    • Gamsa ha-ah-m-knee-da. (Thank you)
      • Hangul: 감사합니다
  • Maldives:
    • rivethi kulhumakah edhen. (Please Have a nice game)
    • shukuriyyaa. (thank you)
  • Polish:
    • powodzenia! (good luck!)
    • dziekuje bardzo (thank you very much)
    • dzieki za gre (thanks for the game (less formal))
    • gratulacje (congratulations)
  • Portuguese:
    • Bom jogo (good game)
    • Obrigado (thank you)
  • Russian:
    • Привет!. (hi)
    • Удачи! (good luck!)
    • Поздравляю! (congratulations)
    • уже все (game's over)
    • Классно играешь! (you play well)
    • Я выиграл! (I won!)
    • Ты выиграл! (you won!)
    • Спасибо! (Thank you!)
    • Хорошая игра (good game)
  • Spanish:
    • Hola (hello) or Suerte ([good] luck)
    • Gracias or Muchas gracias (thank you) or Gracias por la partida (thanks for the game)
    • Hasta luego (see you) or Adiós (good bye)
    • Felicidades (congratulations)
    • Has ganado (you won)
    • He ganado (I won)
  • Swedish:
    • Vill du spela go? (Would you like to play go)
    • Vill du köra/spela en/ett match/parti? (would you like to play a game?)
    • Skulle du vilja spela en/ett match/parti (go) med mig? (Would you like to play a game of (go) with more? More ~respect)
    • Hej, hejsan, hallĺ, tja, tjena (hello) god dag (day time), god morgon (morning)
    • Lycka till (good luck)
    • Tack för matchen, tack för spelet, tackar, tack sĺ mycket (thanks for the match/game)
    • Tack sĺ mycket för matchen/spelet (more thankful)
    • Hej dĺ, ses, tjadĺ (hejdĺ)
    • Jag ger upp, jag ger mig, jag kastar in handduken (~) (I resign)
    • Du vinner/vann (you win/won)
    • Bra/kul match (good game)
  • Turkish:
    • iyi oyunlar (have a good game)
    • Tesekkurler. (Thank you)
    • Sagol (Thank you)

Note--->Many Japanese players seem to like this phrase:
"Let's begin and enjoy a great game" (in English) as a replacement for yoroshigu onegaishimasu.

(Looking for more languages to add... Please add more!)

(Just in case you haven't noticed, there is already a page for UsefulPhrasesInOtherLanguages.)

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