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This page has information about abandoned work(s).
Comment: the RGG FAQ is no longer updated because RGG is superseded by SL itself and currently life in 19x19, the predominant go forum


This FAQ is posted regularly in ascii version to the newsgroup rec.games.go and is also maintained in [ext] HTML version.

This FAQ is an attempt to answer those questions which we may have when we are new to a place - hopefully you will find it useful.

The FAQ is also a description of what to do and how to do it on the newsgroup. If you are new to Go, newsgroups in general or RGG in particular, it is suggested that you read the FAQ before posting.

If the FAQ does not answer your questions, or if you have any other comments on it, please contact the FAQ maintainer, you will find his name and address at the end of the FAQ.

Of course, you can always post to the newsgroup. rec.games.go is not moderated.

Another last point before you go on: this FAQ is most easily read if you have it displayed with a monospaced font (E.g. Courier).

What is in this FAQ?

  • Part 0.: Welcome
  • Part 1.: Go in general
    • 1.1. What is this game?
    • 1.2. What are the rules?
    • 1.3. A brief history of Go
    • 1.4. Why has this game got so many names?
    • 1.5. Does perfect play exist?
    • 1.6. Does komi and handicap change with board size?
    • 1.7. What is a 'Dan' or 'Kyu' player?
    • 1.8. What is a handicap and how is it used?
    • 1.9. Does Go have an equivalent to ELO rating?
    • 1.10. Why is the standard board size 19x19?
  • Part 2.: Real Life play
    • 2.1. How can I play in real life?
    • 2.2. How do I find a club close to me?
    • 2.3. How are tournaments organised?
    • 2.4. Equipment: books, boards, stones etc.
    • 2.5. Can I make my own equipment?
  • Part 3.: Internet Play
    • 3.1. Can I play on the internet?
    • 3.2. How do I find a Go server?
    • 3.3. How do I find clients?
    • 3.4. How do I act towards someone I cannot see?
    • 3.5. What does 1/5 or 1/10 mean?
  • Part 4.: Improving and teaching
    • 4.1. How can I improve?
    • 4.2. Which parts of my game need improving?
    • 4.3. What rank am I?
    • 4.4. I am x Kyu. Which books should I read?
    • 4.5. Using the Newsgroup
    • 4.6. Posting positions to the Newsgroup
    • 4.7. Who can comment my games?
    • 4.8. What is the Go Teaching Ladder ?
    • 4.9. What is Sensei's Library?
    • 4.10. Teaching Go
    • 4.11. Are there Goproblems on the web?
  • Part 5.: Aspects of the game
    • 5.1. Counting at the end of the game
    • 5.2. Counting whilst the game is in progress
    • 5.3. Recording Go games
    • 5.4. What are miai and deiri counting?
    • 5.5. What is reverse sente?
    • 5.6. What is a false eye?
    • 5.7. What is a kofight?
    • 5.8. What is all this about shape?
    • 5.9. Where do I play my first stone?
  • Part 6.: Computer Go
    • 6.1. Is there a program which . . . ?
    • 6.2. What is an .sgf/.mgt/.go etc. file?
    • 6.3. How strong are computers?
    • 6.4. Which is the best computer program?
  • Part 7.: Slang and expressions
  • Part 8.: Other internet resources
    • 8.1. General Webpages
    • 8.2. Mailing lists
    • 8.3. Beginner sites
  • Part 9.: Various themes
  • Part 10.: About this FAQ

This page is part of the rec.games.go FAQ on SL, and cannot be edited directly. A copy of this page can be edited by following the link at the bottom of this page, but please read the FAQ Format Guidelines first.

For more details on the workings of the FAQ, see rec.games.go FAQ on SL.

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