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Chinese: 眼位 yǎn wi
Japanese: futokoro
Korean: 궁도

Eyespace[1] is, informally, the space available for a group to make an eye or eyes. In practice, eye space consists of points on the board almost or entirely surrounded by a player.[2] In tsumego problems, it is often important to reduce the eye space from the outside, for example by a hane. (See Futokoro.)

In the early stages of a game, a group's eye space is provided for by the group's base, giving eye potential. For eye spaces that are effectively surrounded by one colour, their quality depends on their eye shape.

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[1] Eyespace is a term used also by Howard Landman. Unlike "eye shape", the more frequent spelling is as one word: eyespace.

[2] 'Eyespace' in English is synonymous to 'futokoro' in Japanese. However, in Japanese vernacular 'futokoro' means 'pocket', and in go is less general than English 'eyespace'. Futokoro is surrounded, or nearly so, by stones of the group attempting to make eyes.

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