Fujitsu 17 Yi - Wang

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This page attempts to analyse a game played on 2004-04-12 in the 17th Fujitsu Cup between Yi Ch'ang-ho (white) and Wang Lei (black).

As with the other games of this series any comments, questions and solutions of the life and death problems are welcome. The purpose is to make the game understandable as much as possible at any level. I (HolIgor) am about IGS 1k* level. So, my comments correspond to my level of understanding of the game. If you are, say 10k level player then you may have more questions and comments. They will be appreciated. If you are 7d player, you may contribute more and ask deeper questions. There will be some problems as well. And have fun.

The game started with a opening moves that became very popular recently in the Korean title games. It seems that Wang Lei missed some forcing moves in the corner and white come out from the fuseki with an advantage. White comparatively easily settled groups in two corners but in the middle of the game black invaded into white domain. White decided to exchange the left side for some territory in the centre. In very interesting fight white managed to cope with problems and emerge with a 2.5 point victory.

Discussion and analysis previously found here has been split into several sub-pages.

In addition, these sub-pages may be of interest.

These pages were restructured by Blake on 22 May 2004.


TV Analysis

Dave: On 10 December 2004 Oya Koichi 9p analyzed this game on Japan's Igo-Shogi Channel on cable television. Luckily enough I got home from work just as it started and managed to tape most of it. I will add various of his comments over the next few days.

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