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"Wiki wiki" means "quick" in [ext] Hawaiian. A Wiki Wiki Web is meant to be fast and easy to edit.

Table of contents


Plug-ins and add-ons


Note that “edit” is used on this page in a broad sense, to cover all sorts of modifications to pages; many pages (e.g.) use “edit” in the limited sense of “modify the technical content” as opposed to commenting, discussing or asking questions.

All you really need to know is:

To edit any page click on the "Edit page" link at the top of the page. Try it out in the SandBox now! Read its source code and edit it to your heart's content — it will make more sense.

Editing is very easy

More detail

Can’t see the answer to your wiki question in any of the pages below? Ask the Wiki Wizard!

What pages should be like

How to write pages

How to organise pages

How to manage pages

How to discuss the content

How to find out what needs to be done

How to find out what has been done

Reference material

The underlying technology

  • GoWiki — the underlying ‘engine’

Maintenance functions

Some maintenance functions, such as deleting revision?s or special searches (ee.g. to find vandalism or when when a page was deleted), are only available to librarians; see Levels of Access for some more details.

SL as a community

SL in other languages

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