How Paths Work

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It is possible to create a guided tour through Sensei's Library, by creating a Path. A path consists of a path mainpage and several normal pages which are part of the path.

In order to create a path all you need to do is to create the mainpage. First, you have to set the PageType of that page to "Path" - this can be done while editing the page. You can find a box for setting the PageType to the right there.

In the text of the mainpage you link to the pages which comprise the actual path content. In order for GoWiki to distinguish between normal links and path links, you have to enclose the path links in square brackets and put a > inside it like this:

[>PathPage] (vs. [ThisIsNotAPathPage]).

When using a pipe to display different text for the link, place the > after the |: [Displayed text|>PathPage]

A user who arrives at the path mainpage and follows the pages in the path will see that these pages are presented differently: they display next/prev links on the left and list the path they belong to. The next and prev links in the path pages will be relative to the order of these links on the mainpage.

This page (HowPathsWork) is itself a path mainpage, and links to three help texts within Sensei's Library as a path:

If you go to one of these pages, you will see that it is defined as part of the path "How paths work".

It may be useful if, when creating a path, you also list the path mainpage for that path on the guided tours page.

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