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The following have been completed as of May 2009

* all books published by Hinoki Press
* all books published by Ishi Press
* all books listed in FredK/Japanese Book Reviews
* all books published by Kiseido
* all books published by Oromedia
* all books published by Tuttle
* all books published by Yutopian but for Y16
* started Slate and Shell books (skipping Dictionary of Basic Tesuji)

Books remain to templatize as of August 2008

*  Baduk Children's Practice Book
*  Cho Chikun Sihuo Dictionary
*  Encyclopedia Of Maek
*  Famous Tsumego Dictionary
*  Fujisawa Tesuji Dictionary
*  Game Collection of Yi Chien Jai
*  Genma
*  Go Proverbs by David Mitchell
*  Haengma The Book
*  Hankuk Kiwon Guide Book
*  How To Play Against The Stronger Player
*  How to Play Handicap Go
*  Igo Daijiten
*  Kihon Fuseki Jiten
*  Kihon Joseki Jiten
*  Ladder And Net
*  L'ame du go Malcolm: I think the "book" page should be a different page from the existing page
*  Learning from the Masters
*  Le Go Cosmique
*  Le Jeu de Go
*  Masterpieces of Handicap Go
*  On Numbers and Games
*  OroMedia52
*  OtakeHideoHandicapGoDictionary
*  Otake Hideo's Fuseki Theory
*  Reflections on the Game of Go
*  Revue Francaise de Go
*  Shibumi
*  Shimari no Gihou
*  Small Joseki Dictionary
*  Surreal Numbers the book
*  The Glass Bead Game
*  The Left Hand of Darkness
*  The Mathematics of Go - the book
*  The Takamoku Joseki
*  Tsumego problems by Hashimoto Utaro
*  Winning Ways
*  Yose Jiten

Classic Works

*  Genran
*  Gokyo Seimyo
*  Gokyo Shumyo
*  Guanzi Pu
*  Igo Hatsuyoron
*  Igo Shukairoku
*  Katsugo Shinpyo
*  Qijing Shisanpian
*  Romance of the Three Kingdoms
*  Tale of Genji
*  Tao Te Ching
*  Wangyou Qingle Ji
*  Xian Ji Wu Ku
*  Xuanxuan Qijing


These are sets rather than individual books. Perhaps we need a distinct template for these

*  21st Century Weiqi Classroom
*  Cho Hun-hyeon Weiqi Sucheng
*  Gendai no Meikyoku
*  Go Reader for True 5 Dan Books Series
*  Igo Club
*  LiChangHo Jingjiang Weiqi Shoujin
*  LiChangHo Jingjiang Weiqi Sihuo
*  Marvelous Tesuji from Actual Games
*  Mastering the Basics
*  New Baduk Dictionary Series
*  Nihon Ki-in Dan Level
*  Nihon Ki-in Small Encyclopedias
*  Segoe Tsumego Dictionary
*  Selected Readings for Dan-level Players
*  Step by Step Weiqi Classroom
*  The Art of Go Series
*  Understand Weiqi in One Month
*  Weiqi Entering Dan Self Study Collection
*  Weiqi Life and Death Drills
*  Weiqi Small Book Collection
*  World Weiqi Masterpieces of Life and Death
*  Wu Qingyuan's Collected Games


Annual, monthly, or semi-monthly

*  Gekkan Go Waarudo
*  Go Review
*  Go World
*  Igo Sekai
*  Kido
*  Kido Yearbook
*  Kiin Shinpo
*  Qiyi
*  Ranka Yearbook
*  Weiqi Tiandi

Online Serialization

*  The Magic of Go Yomiuri Shimbun
*  Stones (comic)

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