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OtakeHideo Handicap Go Dictionary /

大竹英雄 基本置碁事典

This is part of the dictionary series published by Nihon Ki-in during the 1970s (Revised edition with minor update published in 1996).

Volume 1 organise for the Handicap Go knowledge. It focuses on the joseki and related topics. Many examples of local positions (corners and sides) which frequently occur in handicap games are explained in detail.

Volume 2 organise for the Application. It focuses on how to use star (hoshi) position and its influence, handicap Go strategy, full board strategy and tactics in handicap Go perspective.

Book Content

Volume 1 Joseki Part (定石の部)

Part 1 Corner Joseki 隅の定石

Part 2 Joseki Application and Attack-defend After Joseki 定石の活用と定石後の攻防

Part 3 Fighting on the side 辺の戦い

Volume 2 Battle Part (作戦の部)

Preface The meaning of handicap Go 置碁とはどういうものか

Part 1 Handicap Go basic knowledge 置碁の基礎知識

Part 2 Handicap Go Attack-Defend 置碁の攻防

Part 3 Handicap Go Strategy and Key Point 置碁の作戦と要所

Part 4 Handicap Go case studies 置碁の実戦解説

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