How To Play Against The Stronger Player

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Book #7 in the Go super books series. Author: Sakai Michiharu. It is [ext] Volume I and [ext] Volume II can be downloaded from [ext] The American Go Association.

Questions about material in the book

On page 24 there is an examination of black responses to the following position:


White tries to break up black's territory on the right

The following sequence is given as a success for white:

A bad sequence for black  

What I don't understand is why White should want to invade with W10 instead of occupying e.g. the circled point. After W10 and supposing that B extends to the circled point, it seems like W will have to sacrifice that stone in order to rescue the group above.

Can any stronger player please explain this to me?

(By the way, sorry if the layout of this page is not too good) -- spindizzy1976

Tapir: W10 is connected to the wall, either above or below, e.g. after black played the marked spot white attaches below. That is the black stone is under attack in what was supposed to be a black moyo.

Thanks Tapir. I have a blind spot when it comes to watari... :) -- spindizzy1976

Slarty: W10 is an ideal's supported by the wall, and is likely to split and attack the black stones on either side. White's main objective is to disrupt the black moyo, as opposed to commit to running away with a heavy group. Black has plays like the bump (above 10) to forcibly split white, but in fact white wouldn't mind sacrificing five stones above for several real moves against the corner. Playing at the circled point doesn't use that wall of stones like fearlessly invading and fighting.

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