World Weiqi Masterpieces of Life and Death

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世界围棋死活经典名着 (Shi4 jie4 Wei2 qi2 Si3 huo2 Jing1 dian3 Ming2 zhu4) (World Masterpieces of Life and Death) is a collection of three Chinese go books published by Chengdu Shidai Publishing (成都时代出版社):

  1. 《围棋棋经众妙》 (Weiqi Qijing Zhongmiao) published April 2004. (light yellow green paperback ISBN: 7-80548-916-5)
  2. 《围棋技巧大全》 (即 《官子谱》) Weiqi ji4 qiao3 da4 quan2 (Guanzi Pu) (Weiqi Technique Encyclopedia) is a new (March 1996) edited by Jiang Zhujiu and Jiang Mingjiu which contains around 850 problems. (green paperback ISBN: 7-80548-477-5)
    • ISBN 9-787807-053941 39,- Yuan is the improved version of Guanzi Pu from the 3-book-set. (tderz)
  3. 《围棋发阳论》新解,程晓流解说 Weiqi FaYangLun, New Solutions/Interpretations, Cheng Xiaoliu, editor containing 183 problems and an appendix of 21 additional problems for a total of 617 pages, published September 1988 and reprinted in November 2003. (hardcover ISBN:7-80548-124-5/G.125) (light blue cover paperback ISBN: 7-80548-147-4/G.148)
  4. 《围棋死活妙机》 Shikatsu Myoki
  5. 《日本昭和围棋死活集》 Japan's Showa Period Weiqi Life and Death Collection

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